The Panthers Fan Council

The Panthers Fan Council is being started to give fans, alums, faculty, staff, and the community an opportunity to assist in various initiatives and topics for the new stadium to optimize and improve the fan experience. The location of the Fan Council meeting will be Georgia State Locker Room at Georgia State Stadium.

What is the Panthers Fan Council?

The Panthers Fan Council is being created to give fans, alums, staff, and the community an opportunity to assist the Athletic Department with various initiatives and topics including the new Georgia State Stadium, welcoming our new football coach, in-game experience and promotions, donor relations, ticketing, customer service, Olympic sport venues and opportunities, and much more. We will have a handful of meetings throughout each year at different designated locations both on campus and off campus to allow all to be a part. These council meetings will be organized but an open forum at the same time to allow freedom of thought and opinion to flow to generate the most productivity and progress. GSU Athletics needs YOU and wants YOU to be involved in our promising future!

Who can be a Panthers Fan Council Member?

Anyone can be a part of the Panthers Fan Council! Simply show up to the designated time and location of one our meetings and you'll be more than welcome to join in the discussion and give us your feedback on a variety of topics and issues as it relates to GSU Athletics and the community.

To sign up and be a part of the Fan Council please click HERE

 What is the Panthers Fan Council Meeting Schedule?

*Georgia State Stadium – (Georgia State Locker Room) - April 7, 2018 From – 11AM- 12PM.

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