Georgia State Head Coach Shawn Elliott

"Last home game for our seniors, that’s not the way we want to go out, the way we wanted to play. It was a very very careless football game in a lot of aspects, a lot of turnovers, just some of the things that we did. The drive right before the half, not getting any points out of it, throwing underneath a route when we should have thrown it away. We had an opportunity to get a field goal there. We gave up too many cheap yardage plays for them, offensively. Those 10-yard hitches, seems like they just lit us up all game. Then in the second half we didn’t do enough offensively to get our defense any rest, and they started taking advantage of it. A lot of guys went out there and did fight, went out and had a lot of effort, played hard, but it certainly wasn’t the effort we needed to get a win for our seniors and our football team to close out the regular season at Georgia State Stadium.

Georgia State QB Conner Manning:

"I think its been a common theme were not finishing drives, were shooting ourselves in the foot. When we have so many turnovers its hard to win a game. Luckily, we have one more game left but it is very disappointing to go out there and perform like that. 

[Losing Penny Hart] When he goes down we have to have guys step up. I felt like, for the most part I didn’t do a good enough job of making our guys better. So, I put that on my shoulders.

"I’ve been blessed to have this opportunity [to play at Georgia State]. "The coaches brought me in and fully trusted me. I couldn’t be more grateful to be here and be a Panther."

Idaho Head Coach Paul Petrino

 “It was great for the seniors. They’re bunch of great guys that give a lot to this program. I’m super happy for them to go out on this note, and proud for all their teammates that made sure they got to have their last game as a Vandal with a win.”

Talking about keeping the team’s momentum going this late in the season:

“I give a lot of credit to our assistant coaches and our leaders. They busted their butt every game. And our guys showed up to practice every week; grinded every week; worked hard every week. As far as attitude, effort, character and people, it’s a great group of kids, and they’ll all end up being winners because they grinded every game no matter the outcome.”

Talking about what’s next for the team after playing the last game of the season:

“They’re going to enjoy it for a little bit, but they’re going to need to get ready for their finals. They have a big week of finals, and we’ll have a big recruiting weekend next weekend. Right now, it’s all about school and recruiting. I won’t even go home; I’ll leave right from here to go recruiting. So, it’s just all about next year, and building for the future, and making sure our seniors graduate by doing the best they can. And our young guys getting good grades; grinding and being the best that we can be.”