The Dome in 3D

For GSU fans and season ticketholders, the convenience of viewing, selecting, and purchasing seats in the Georgia Dome for the inaugural football season went cutting edge when the PAC secured state of the art online technology Seats 3D.

In conjunction with Ballena Technologies’ Seats3D product, Georgia State fans can enjoy a virtual rendering from any section and row within the lower level of the Georgia Dome by clicking here. Georgia State University is one of only a limited number of schools in the nation who have their own personalized 3-Dimensional view of their home venue. As a program, we feel that it is necessary to provide such an exclusive piece of technology because it displays our rigorous commitment to excellence.

The commitment to excellence that the entire GSU Athletics department possesses can be seen through the meticulous detail of Ballena’s 3D product. Not only does it provide a personalized viewpoint for your section and row, it also gives ticketholders the answers to many questions that often surface while choosing seats. No longer does one have to worry if they will be able to see the scoreboard, or what their exact yard line is because the PAC took the initiative to ease all these concerns with the implementation of this cutting-edge technology.

Another innovative feature for our Ballena Technologies’ Seats3D product is the opportunity to get a 360 degree virtual tour of the exclusive Verizon Wireless Club. The Verizon Wireless Club is located in the Georgia Dome’s executive club level and is filled with exclusive amenities. Access to the club can be gained on game day with a $250 annual fund donation to the PAC.

Pro-rated 4 game mini plans are still available in all pricing categories and can be purchased by calling 866-GA-STATE. Spread the great news about Georgia State University’s new football program to your family, friends, and colleagues, and we are most definitely looking forward to seeing our dedicated PAC members and season ticketholders in the Georgia Dome.