GSU Beach Volleyball Complex
Directions & Parking

125 Decatur St. Suite 201
Atlanta, GA 30303



1.       -- New South Construction, which built the GSU Beach Volleyball Complex, indicates an 80% recycling rate for the trash/debris that was generated and removed during the course of our Beach Volleyball Construction project.

-- The recycled material was composed of brick, concrete, rock, re-steel, and misc. metal piping, from an old ice plant that was buried beneath the X-lot parking lot behind the GSU Sports Arena.

-- Many years ago, the site of the GSU Beach Volleyball Complex was owned by Atlantic Ice Companies as an ice manufacturing plant. The ice was loaded into refrigerated railroad cars carrying meat and produce, so historically, the site has gone from ice to sand, neither of which are native to Atlanta.

-- The "fiberon" decking which surrounds the courts is actually composed of 50% wood dust and is composed of 74% recycled content.

-- Construction began at the end of April. Certificate of Occupancy was acquired on Sept. 12, 2012.

-- Sand:The material itself was formed when the Atlantic Ocean, which at one point covered the coastal plain of Georgia, rapidly receded during the last ice age and in the process left behind a beach area that runs in the State of Georgia from roughly Columbus to Augusta continuously and is now referred to as the fall line. The fall line is now a symbolic geological formation because it separates the upland Piedmont region of Georgia from the southern coastal plain region of Georgia.

--Highlights: The site includes five palm trees and tropical shrubbery. Lights and a sound system were added in February 2013.

For rental information, please contact the Assistant A.D. for Facilities and Game Operations Patrick Hatcher at (404) 413-4012 or via e-mail at