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The NCAA manual contains many rules and regulations that have a direct effect on your eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics. It is very important that you become familiar with these rules to recognize situations that might endanger your eligibility. The Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance is available to answer questions about NCAA rules pertaining to your eligibility or any other concern that you might have. Questions can be emailed to the Compliance Office at

Walk-on Policy -- A prospective walk-on must obtain the Georgia State University Walk-On Clearance Form from a member of the coaching staff. The Walk-On Clearance must be signed in the following order:

1st – Head Coach
2nd – Sports Medicine
3rd – Student-Athlete Development
4th – Compliance Office

The Walk-On Clearance Form must have all necessary signatures before any tryout or team participation is allowed. Once all the signatures have been obtained the Walk-On Clearance form should be returned to the Compliance Office. The Assistant AD for Compliance will make a final determination regarding the walk-on's eligibility. If the walk-on is deemed otherwise eligible he/she will be allowed to tryout with the team. Once the walk-on has been deemed eligible, a hold will be place on his or her account. The Compliance Office will keep a copy of the form on file and notify the Head Coach. The Head Coach will notify the Compliance Office if the walk-on makes the respective team. The Compliance Office will then add the student-athlete to the NCAA squad list and notify the Office of Sports Medicine and the Office of Academic Support of the squad change.

Reporting NCAA Rules Violations -- If a student-athlete has any knowledge that an NCAA violation has occurred or believes that an NCAA violation may have occurred they are required to notify the Compliance Office. Student-athletes may stop by the Compliance Office or contact them at (404) 413-4010 or The Compliance Office will investigate any alleged NCAA violations and determine if a violation has occurred. If it is determined that a violation has occurred, the Compliance Office the will notify the Director of Athletics and Sport Administrator and begin the process of self-reporting the violation to either the CAA or NCAA, depending on the classification of the violation.
Staff Directory
Assistant A.D. -- Compliance Erik Paz
(404) 413-4010
Assistant Director of Compliance
Lisa Helth (404) 413-4047

Compliance Coordinator TBA (404) 413-4011 TBA