ATLANTA – Panther fans helped speed up the first day of unveiling of the new Georgia State football uniforms on Thursday as they were able to get the hashtag #allblueallin trending in Atlanta.

A total of six puzzle pieces were removed, unveiling a new pair of blue pants for the Panthers. Also shown Thursday were updated blue jerseys with Georgia State across the front and additional numbers on the sleeves.

The process will continue Friday morning. Fans can follow GSU on Twitter, like its Facebook page and follow on Instagram to speed up the process. Helping #allblueallin trend into the top five in Atlanta will also reveal a piece sooner than the normal one hour breaks. is aggregating the online conversation across networks to create a unified social media hub. The site has a dedicated page for Georgia State’s #allblueallin hashtag. It can also be viewed on

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Once the final piece of the puzzle is revealed, the complete uniform will be seen on