As the Georgia State men's basketball team prepares to take on Duke in historic Cameron Indoor Stadium in the season opener on Nov. 9, we countdown to opening night.

We are just 12 days until tip-off and today we feature junior guard Rashaad Richardson.

The men's basketball team will open at home after two road games on Nov. 19, hosting the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic and facing Monmouth.

As a reminder fans, season and single game tickets are now on-sale and can be purchased by calling 1-866-GA-STATE or by clicking here.  

Check back every day as we countdown to the season opener.

Rashaad Richardson

Q: If you were a superhero, who would it be?

A: Superman

Q: What's your favorite color?

A: Blue

Q: What's your favorite subject in school?

A: Sociology

Q: What is your best high school memory?

A: My first day of high school

Q: When you order pizza, how do you order it?

A: I call Dominos and I like to have a bacon pizza with pan crust and I'm good to go

Q: What is your favorite sport to play outside of basketball?

A: I'm going to have to say baseball

Q: Who is your favorite sports star?

A:  My favorite sports star is Usain Bolt. He's very confident and young

Q: Why did you come to GSU?

A: I came to GSU because it is close to home, I have family here and it is a great situation and I'm having fun

Q: Who is your role model?

A: My role model is Zelda McCoy.  She's my aunt.  She has done a lot for me and I want to be like her when I get older.

Q: What is your favorite thing about GSU basketball?

A: My favorite thing about GSU basketball has to be my teammates.  Every day in the locker room we have fun and off the court we do a lot of fun things.  Those are my brothers.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat on campus?

A: Chick-fil-a right in the plaza.  It's great and I love it

Q: What is currently in your refrigerator?

A: Nothing.  I need to go grocery shopping

Q: What is your favorite snack?

A: Great Value fruit snacks.  They're cheap and you get a lot of them

Q: What's your favorite part about road trips?

A: The hotels.  I love those beds

Q: What is your favorite song?

A: Nickelback- Rockstar

Q: Who is your favorite artist?

A: I say Kendrick Lamar he's really good right now

Q: The top three songs on your iPod right now.

A: Underground Kings by Drake, Kanye West- Champion........

Q: Your favorite toy growing up?

A: Power Ranger racecar track

Q: Who is the funniest player on the team?

A: Definitely R.J. Hunter.  He's a class act. He's the funniest player on the team

Q: Who is the best dressed player on the team?

A: I give it to Kevin Shaw.  Kevin Shaw has a lot of swag.

Q: Who is the best player with the ladies?

A: I'm going to get somebody in trouble.  I say David, David has his way with the ladies

Q: Where is your favorite place to shop?

A: Anywhere in Lenox mall in general.  I like Urban Outfitters and American Eagle