ATLANTA—With Georgia State at the halfway point of spring practice, head coach Trent Miles said that after watching the film, he saw promising signs in last Saturday’s first scrimmage.

“I saw some very positive things,” Miles said after Tueday’s practice, the Panthers’ eighth of the spring. “You didn’t see a lot of scoring, but I saw that we’ve made improvements up front, as far as getting to the right guys.

“I saw a pretty good defensive day,” he continued. “Usually the defense is ahead of the offense in the first scrimmage.

“There were some good things and some bad things, some ugly things and some pretty things.”

Miles and his staff continue to instill their philosophies on how the game should be played.

“These guys play with good effort, but they have to continue to understand how to play with effort every single second of every down,” said Miles. “It’s not okay to run hard for three steps, see that the play is away from you and then start jogging. You have to learn to play with fanatical effort on every play. If you get tired, we’ll put somebody else in for you.”

The Panthers continue spring practice with workouts scheduled for Thursday morning (8:30 a.m.) and Friday evening (5:30 p.m.) in preparation for their second scrimmage Saturday morning at 10:40 a.m. at the GSU Practice Complex.

“Our number one goal this spring is to evaluate our talent,” said Miles. “We want to evaluate what we have, we want to install our schemes, and we want to teach them how to compete and play the way we think football should be played.

“Last Saturday’s scrimmages gave us that opportunity,” he continued. “It was a great film for us to be able to evaluate. We were able our guys in every situation, we were able evaluate what they’ve learned about our schemes, and we were able to watch them compete.”

Georgia State’s Spring Scrimmage is scheduled for Saturday, April 20 at 1 p.m. at the Georgia Dome. Admission is free.