ATLANTA -- Georgia State student-athletes finished the spring of 2013 in style as the Panthers’ 19 scholarship sports posted a combined semester grade-point average of 3.03 and a cumulative team GPA of 3.01. It was the 10th consecutive semester the GSU athletic squads maintained at least a 3.0 GPA.

“We’re pleased that the student-athletes at Georgia State continue to build on a high level of success in the classroom,” said Dena Freeman-Patton, Associate A.D. for Student-Athlete Development.

The women’s cross country team – which won Georgia State’s first Sun Belt Conference title in the fall – finished the spring with a 3.66 GPA, the highest among the all sports. Seven other women’s programs – golf, soccer, softball, tennis, court volleyball, sand volleyball and track and field – also topped the 3.0 plateau in the spring. The soccer squad led all men’s teams with a 3.40 grade-point average, one of three men’s teams – including golf and tennis – above 3.0.

Leading the individual honors, 20 student-athletes recorded a 4.0 or higher GPA with a minimum of nine credit hours to be named to the President’s List for the spring. They were part of a group that totaled 151 student athletes who were named to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll with a 3.2 or higher semester or cumulative grade-point average. Among those honorees, 64 were also named to the Dean’s List with a 3.5 or higher semester GPA with at least nine credit hours in the spring.

Four men’s soccer players were named to the President’s List, while the baseball team and women’s cross country program each had three honorees. They were joined by two each from football, men’s tennis and sand volleyball while the women’s golf, women’s soccer and women’s tennis programs each had one student-athlete meet the criteria.

President’s List (4.0 or higher semester GPA)
Mark Hogan, Baseball
Alex Prescott, Baseball
Joey Roach, Baseball
Alison Bishop, Women’s Cross Country
Katharine Showalter, Women’s Cross Country
Kelsey Spinks, Women’s Cross Country
Michael Davis, Football
David Miller, Football
Kimmy Graff, Women’s Golf
Jewel Evans, Women’s Soccer
Josh Bennett, Men’s Soccer
Ali Elkhalil, Men’s Soccer
Eric Lawrence, Men’s Soccer
Chris Locandro, Men’s Soccer
Denise Myers, Women’s Track and Field
Jocelyn Ffriend, Women’s Tennis
Lucas Santa Ana, Men’s Tennis
Victor Valente, Men’s Tennis
Alexis Elmurr, Sand Volleyball
Milani Pickering, Sand Volleyball

Dean's List (3.5 or higher semester GPA)
Scott Sarratt, Baseball
Chase Raffield, Baseball
Andrew Fessler, Baseball
Josh Merrigan, Baseball
Garrett Ford, Baseball
Maryam Dogo, Women’s Basketball
Morgan Jackson, Women’s Basketball
Denny Burguillos, Men’s Basketball
Justin Green, Men’s Basketball
Cameron Solomon, Men’s Basketball
Carlos Galindo, Men’s Cross Country
Niamh Kearney, Women’s Cross Country
Anna Sinclair, Women’s Cross Country
Jah-Mai Davidson, Football
Garrett Gorringe, Football
Jalen Hamilton, Football
Terry Hollingshed, Football
Anthony Hudgins, Football
Zach Jones, Football
Arington Jordan, Football
Ben McLane, Football
Nick Nesmith, Football
Drew Pearson, Football
Nathan Schuster,Football
Marcus Stetzer, Football
Lauren Court, Women’s Golf
Melissa Siviter, Women’s Golf
Solveig Helgesen, Women’s Golf
Laura Sanchez, Women’s Golf
Tyler Gruca, Men’s Golf
Victor Lavin, Men’s Golf
Ross Mclister, Men’s Golf
Leah Beasley, Women’s Soccer
Lauren Harriman, Women’s Soccer
Elizabeth Kinsel, Women’s Soccer
Carly Lafferty, Women’s Soccer
Mackenzie Loula, Women’s Soccer
Aaron Jones, Men’s Soccer
Cory Plasker, Men’s Soccer
Tyler Prince, Men’s Soccer
Bo Stroup, Men’s Soccer
Callie Alford, Softball
Taylor Anderson, Softball
Ashley Christy, Softball
Audrey Mason, Softball
Brenna Morrissey, Softball
Paige Nowacki, Softball
Taylor Scarpantonio, Softball
Phoebe Chiem, Women’s Tennis
Masa Grgan, Women’s Tennis
Tereza Lerova, Women’s Tennis
Christina Johns, Women’s Track and Field
Aniya Moore, Women’s Track and Field
Jaqueline Obi, Women’s Track and Field
Marsalis Jackson, Men’s Track and Field
Kitan Ajanaku, Court Volleyball
Andrea’ DeLeon, Court Volleyball
Jamiee Freeman, Court Volleyball
Sydney Hunsley, Court Volleyball
Lane Carico, Sand Volleyball
Karlee Kavanaugh, Sand Volleyball
Sara Olivova, Sand Volleyball
Katelyn Rawls, Sand Volleyball
Nikki Senopoulos, Sand Volleyball

Athletic Director’s Honor Roll (3.2 cumulative or semester GPA)
Greg Bowder, Baseball
James Clements, Baseball
Brantley Burton, Baseball
Matt McCloskey, Baseball
Tiffany Anderson, Women’s Basketball
Cody Paulk, Women’s Basketball
Tyler Gamble, Men’s Basketball
Ryann Green, Men’s Basketball
LaRon Smith, Men’s Basketball
Curtis Washington, Men’s Basketball
Sarah McCarthy, Women’s Cross Country
Katie Papesh, Women’s Cross Country
Jennifer Rubel, Women’s Cross Country
Hannah Stefanoff, Women’s Cross Country
Joel Brooks, Football
Kelton Hill, Football
Jonathan Jean-Bart, Football
Davis Knowles, Football
Lateef Laguda, Football
Lasalle Ledlum, Football
Wil Lutz, Football
Myles Morris, Football
Tyler Nemec, Football
Cristian Perez, Football
Mark Ruskell Football
D.L. Stephens, Football
Cade Yates, Football
Julie Lied, Women’s Golf
Maria Palacios, Women’s Golf
Kevin Lee, Men’s Golf
Jonathan Grey, Men’s Golf
Nikki Fedele, Women’s Soccer
Alyssia Feronti, Women’s Soccer
Lyndsey Gaffney, Women’s Soccer
Miranda Griffin, Women’s Soccer
Anna Hilpertshauser, Women’s Soccer
Rebecca Ingram, Women’s Soccer
Lindsay Leonardo, Women’s Soccer
Ashley Nagy, Women’s Soccer
Shelby Soldat, Women’s Soccer
Samantha Thomas, Women’s Soccer
Conor Acheson, Men’s Soccer
Peter Kurowski, Men’s Soccer
Neil Rajendran, Men’s Soccer
Stephen McGill, Men’s Soccer
Peter Vania, Men’s Soccer
William Mellors-Blair, Men’s Soccer
Jessica Clifton, Softball

Bethany Horne, Softball

Megan Kildhal, Softball
Eron Milton, Softball
Shannyn Palazzo, Softball
Whitney Phillips, Softball
Maryna Kozachenko, Women’s Tennis
Chaimaa Roudami, Women’s Tennis
Sofiane Chevallier, Men’s Tennis
Chinmay Handa, Men’s Tennis
Robert Schulze, Men’s Tennis
Kesean Henderson, Women’s Track and Field
Sydney Henry, Women’s Track and Field
Tamara Moore, Women’s Track and Field
Leah Norman, Women’s Track and Field
Dede Bohannon, Court Volleyball
Andrea Book, Court Volleyball
Andrea Ezell, Court Volleyball
Devan Miller, Court Volleyball
Jansen Button, Sand Volleyball
Alexis Townsend, Sand Volleyball