Panther Priority Points

The Panther Priority Points System is intended to promote fairness, generate financial support for Panther Athletics, and reward the loyalty of longtime supporters. Priority Points are awarded to establish "rank" order among those who support GSU Athletics through philanthropic gifts, purchase of season tickets, and other categories of affiliation with GSU. 

For a detailed Priority Points breakdown and an example calculation, please click here.

Priority Points determine selection order for: football season tickets, away game allocation of seats, post-season opportunities and special events. Cumulative Priority Points determine when season ticketholders can select their seat location, while the current annual PAC donation amount determines where season ticket options will be available for selection in the Georgia Dome.

For more information on thePanther Priority Points System, including a detailed breakdown of Priority Point calculations and your ranking if you are a current PAC mmember, please call the PAC Office at 404-413-4000.