How many tickets can I purchase?
You may purchase up to eight (8) seats in the Panther Athletic Club (PAC) Priority Seating sections and up to twelve (12) in the general sections for a total of up to twenty (20) seats per account.

Is there a discount for GSU Faculty and Staff?

Yes. GSU faculty and staff qualify for a 20% discount on the season ticket price; however, the discount cannot be applied to the PAC contribution associated with Priority Seating. The 20% discount can be applied up to a maximum of four (4) tickets per account and will be applied to the most expensive tickets.

How many football tickets are available to sell at the Georgia Dome?
The current "lower bowl" configuration will allow for approximately 27,000 total seats. Approximately 15,000 of these lower bowl seats will be available for purchase.

If I am a new season ticketholder or am looking to upgrade from my 2011 location, when can I select my football season ticket location?

In June 2012, "ticket selection appointment times" will be assigned to each new season ticketholder or those who are looking to upgrade their seating location. The actual seat selection process will take place in mid-to-late June 2012. For more information on how to improve your selection time please call the Panther Athletic Club at 866-GA-STATE.

How can a group purchase tickets within the same section?

All new season ticketholders and 2011 season ticketholders who are looking to upgrade their season ticket location will receive a "seat selection appointment time" based on their Priority Points. Individuals with varying Priority Points and appointment times can select tickets together; however, the individual within the group with the fewest Priority Points will determine seat selection time.

When do I get my actual tickets?

Tickets will be mailed (or available for pickup) in August 2012.

What is the minimum age requirement to have a ticket?

The Georgia Dome has an "infant in arms" policy for most events. This policy states that a child who cannot walk and is being held by an adult, with a valid event ticket, may enter without a ticket. Furthermore, a ticket is not required for children under 33" for GSU games.

How long will I be able to keep my seats?

The GSU Department of Athletics reserves the right to re-evaluate its Priority Seating Plan after the first three (3) years of GSU Football. You can keep your seating location on an annual basis provided you renew your season tickets by the appropriate deadline and maintain your initial Priority Seating donation each subsequent year.

Where are ADA seats located?

Depending on final configuration, the Dome can provide approximately 500 wheelchair accessible spaces on the lower and club/mezzanine levels. The final locations will be chosen with consideration given to ease of access, sightlines, number of seats, and cost. Priority Seating gifts are also applicable to ADA seating opportunities in PAC Priority sections.

Where can I park at the games?

Complimentary Priority Parking is available in the Orange Lot for football season ticketholders who are also PAC donors at the $500 donor level and above. Also, there are general public parking spaces available in the Brown & Blue Lots and the Red Deck around the Georgia Dome, as well as a staging area for buses near the facility.

Will fans have the ability to tailgate outside of the Georgia Dome?

Select surface lots (Orange, Brown and Blue lots) will be open prior to the game and will allow for tailgating activities. All guests that desire to tailgate must observe the GWCCA and GSU guidelines. For more information on tailgating opportunities please call 404-413-4000.

Can GSU Faculty and Staff utilize payroll deduction to pay for football season tickets and/or PAC donation?

GSU Faculty and Staff may enroll in a payroll deduction program for their football season tickets and/or PAC donation. The deductions must be paid in full by July 31, 2012. For more information on payroll deduction please contact the ticket office at 866-GA-STATE.

Is there a discount for military?

Yes. Active military will qualify for a 20% discount on the season ticket price; however, the discount cannot be applied to the PAC contribution associated with Priority Seating. The 20% military discount can be applied up to a maximum of four (4) tickets per account and will be applied to the most expensive tickets.

As a parent of a current GSU student, how can I purchase tickets?

A limited number of single game "student companion" tickets will be available for purchase within the student section on a game-by-game basis. However, the ability to purchase "student companion" season tickets is not available. Parents are encouraged to purchase season tickets by calling 866-GA-STATE.

Will I be able to purchase GSU away game football tickets?

GSU receives a limited ticket allotment for away football games. The determination of the limits that fans can purchase will be based on the supply. Distribution of away game tickets to both PAC members and season ticketholders will be based on the Priority Points System.

As a new season ticketholder in 2012, does my season ticket reservation and/or PAC contribution guarantee my seat location?

You will not be locked into or guaranteed a specific location until the actual seat selection process takes place in mid-to-late June 2012. The GSU Athletics Staff will make every effort to accommodate both your preferred season ticket price and PAC contribution level. However, if demand exceeds supply you may need to select seats in the next best available section. Seat selection times will be based on your PAC Priority Points status as of May 1, 2012.

Do GSU students have to purchase season tickets?

No. Students enrolled full-time at GSU will have access to free single game tickets (certain restrictions apply). Students will gain admittance to the game by displaying their valid Panther ID card and/or printed ticket.  A limited number of seats are available in the student section and students may have to register for tickets in advance of the contest.

How will student seating be allocated in the Georgia Dome?

There are approximately 11,200 seats being held for students at the Georgia Dome, all of which are located in the west end of the building. There are 7,670 student seats in the lower level of the stadium. There are 3,547 student seats in the mezzanine level of the stadium. The mezzanine section will only be open when demand exceeds supply for the lower level. All seats in the student sections will be general admission.