Directions & Parking / GSU Baseball Complex Fan Guide

GSU Baseball Complex
2819 Clifton Springs Road
Decatur, GA 30034

Fast Facts
 -- The GSU Baseball complex serves as the "Home of the Panthers" for the baseball team.
 -- The baseball facility provides a seating capacity of 1,092.
 -- In March, 2003, the fieldhouse was officially dedicated to Bill and Susan Reeves.
 -- The field dimensions are Left field-334 feet, Center field-385 feet and Right field-338 feet.
 -- The first baseball game played against Birmingham Southern in February of 1986.
 -- The outfield wall was part of the wall the was originally used in Fulton County Stadium.

Recent Renovations
 -- Prior to the 2010 season a new scoreboard was placed in right center field.
 -- Field underwent a total reconstruction in 2010 including being laser leveled
 -- The dugouts were renovated in 2011 to increase the size of the dugouts as well as creating fencing in front.
 -- The locker room was renovated in 2011.

For rental information, please contact the Operations Department at 404-413-4009.