The Georgia State Spirit Program
Georgia State University offers an exciting spirit program that supports Panther athletics. The athletes in the program are some of the brightest and best ambassadors of the GSU campus. The teams are becoming more competitive each year, climbing the national rankings of the competitive cheerleading team in the past few years. Each year at tryouts, we look for more talent to continue to build the program and help it reach its highest potential. To be a successful athlete in our program takes a lot of leadership, dedication, and most of all spirit! We need great athletes who can lead the crowd in the traditional collegiate manner, as well as talented and skilled performers. All candidates should have strong motions, amazing crowd appeal, and a great deal of confidence to be considered for a position on our team. These skills and qualities are first and foremost to our program. Also remember that you are students first, so academics should be your number one priority



Thank you so much for your interest in Georgia State and the GSU Spirit Program. GSU provides students with an amazing educational program in the heart of Atlanta. The city and the campus is thriving with excitement, especially with the addition of Georgia State Stadium, formerly known as Turner Field, where football will play their home games starting this year! Our Spirit program is comprised of a Coed cheer team of six to eight couples, an All-Girl cheer team of 12-16 members, the Pantherettes Dance team of 10-16 members, and Team Pounce, two to four athletes that wear the mascot suit. The entire program is supported and funded by the GSU Athletic Department. The first priority of these student-athletes is to represent the University as ambassadors that continue the tradition of academic and athletic excellence. Secondly, we are the NUMBER ONE PANTHER FANS!

In the past seven seasons since football began at Georgia State, the spirit program has experienced tremendous growth with the inclusion of the Pantherettes Dance team, which was a club team prior to 2011. The Pantherettes have grown to be not only the stars of the game on the court during basketball season timeouts and halftimes, but also an awesome addition to the sidelines of the football games. They have participated in The Universal Dance Association (UDA) dance camps at Alabama, where they have won numerous awards including First Place in the Home Routine competition in 2015. One of our members was also selected to be a member of the UDA instructional staff at that particular camp. They most recently attended the All Pro Dance convention in the summer of 2016 where they trained along with members of the NFL and NBA dance and cheer teams. Several former outstanding members of the Pantherettes have gone on to make the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Falcons, as well as other professional teams.

The cheerleaders have become nationally competitive over the past seven years as well. The team has participated in the Universal Cheerleaders Association camps (UCA) held at Alabama in the past few years where they have won numerous awards. Several former outstanding members have also become UCA instructors. The team has competed at The National Cheerleaders Association College Nationals at Daytona Beach, Fla., where they received 11th in 2011, second in 2012, fifth in 2013, and 10th in 2014. The team was most recently crowned National Champions in 2016 at the Cheersport College Nationals here in Atlanta.


The GSU Spirit program attended the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) and The Universal Dance Association (UDA) camp held at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City Tennessee this past weekend. While there, GSU, along with teams from Ball State University, Liberty University,  The University of Cincinnati, Morehead State, Western Kentucky, The University of Memphis, Appalachian State, Virginia Tech, Tennessee Tech, and The University of Kentucky,  participated in sessions that instructed the athletes on how to maximize crowd interaction and participation at athletic events. The teams also participated in the camp competitions. The cheerleaders received 3rd place in the sideline chant competition, and third place in the Time Out Routine competition. The Pantherettes receive first place in the routine that they brought to the camp from home, along with several superior ribbons. The entire program receive that “Game Plan Award” recognizing teams that are running the program in the right direction for today’s college athletic department needs.

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