This is the third of a five-part series compiled by the Sports Communications Office to document and remember the 2010-11 school year. Today's third list is 25 individual honors and accomplishments from the athletics department from the year.

Tomorrow, we highlight the Top 25 statistical achievements and then a By The Numbers list from the year.

Here is the link to the first list of top achievements and the second list of top games from the year.

Enjoy the memories. Check out the Photo Album, too. 


1. Football kicker Iain Vance named All-America (The Sports Network, third team); Named one of 10 finalists for Fred Mitchell Award

2. Women's soccer player Bri Cagle and women's track & field performer Yolanda Berryhill named Academic All-America (both Capital One, third team)

3. Track & field jumper Angelia Nugent qualified for NCAA National Championships (finished 19th in triple jump) and tennis doubles team of Abigail Tere-Apisah and Maryna Kozachenko were alternates for NCAA National Doubles Championships (did not compete).

4. Seven NCAA Regional qualifiers: women's golf, Charlotte Lorentzen; women's track, Yolanda Berryhill (discus), Danielle Hill (400m hurdles), Tamara Moore (100m hurdles), Angelia Nugent (triple jump), Brandy Swann (400m) and Shaquita Young (high jump, did not compete).

5. Softball pitcher McCall Langford named All-Region (Louisville Slugger/NFCA, second team)

6. Seven NCAA All-Region Academic picks: First team (women's soccer, Bri Cagle, women's track and field, Yolanda Berryhill). Second team (women's soccer, Sarah Bennett; women's golf, Charlotte Lorentzen; softball, Cassie Boese; baseball, Daniel Blaustein). Third team (volleyball, Vineece Verdun.

7. CAA Performer/Athlete of the Year: women's golfer Charlotte Lorentzen

8. Tournament champion or Most Outstanding Performer: women's golf, Charlotte Guilleux; women's tennis, Abigail Tere-Apisah; women's track, Yolanda Berryhill; softball, Alana Thomas.

9. CAA Scholar-Athletes of the Year: volleyball, Vineece Verdun; women's basketball, Cody Paulk; Charlotte Lorentzen (women's golf).

10. CAA Coaches of Year: Eric Campbell (track & field); Roger Kincaid (softball, co-coach of year)

11. CAA Rookies of the Year: women's soccer, Jewel Evans; women's tennis, Abigail Tere-Apisah; softball, Kaitlyn Medlam; Tamara Moore, women's track.

12. All-CAA First Team (19): baseball, Mark Micowski, Rob Lind, Brandon Williams; women's golf, Charlotte Guilleux, Charlotte Lorentzen; softball, McCall Langford; men's tennis, Victor Valente; women's tennis, Abigail Tere-Apisah, doubles team of Tere-Apisah and Maryna Kozachenko; women's track and field (first place champion), Yolanda Berryhill (2), Angelia Nugent (2), Danielle Hill, Tamara Moore, Brandy Swann, Shaquita Young; volleyball, Vineece Verdun.

13. All-CAA Second Team (13): baseball, Will Campbell, Drew Shields; Sarah Bennett, Apryl Goodwin; men's soccer, Vincent Foermer; softball, Lauren Jones, Audrey Mason, Kaitlyn Medlam, Brenna Morrissey, Paige Nowacki; women's tennis, Tereza Lerova; men's tennis, Thomas Cook; women's track, Katharine Showalter

14. All-CAA Third Team (10): baseball, Jake Dyer: women's basketball, Chan Harris; women's soccer, Kellianne Collins, Jewel Evans; men's soccer, Yasser Majluf; women's tennis, Katerina Gresova; men's tennis, doubles team of Thomas Cook and Victor Valente; volleyball, Ashley Jones; women's track, Brandy Swann, 4x400 relay team (Nugent, Swann, Dent, Hill); men's track, Kasey Rollins

15. CAA All-Rookies (5): women's basketball, Kendra Long; women's soccer, Jewel Evans; softball, Jessica Clifton, Kaitlyn Medlam, Maddy Stanton

16. CAA All-Tournament (6): women's soccer, Kellianne Collins, Lani Huntley; softball, Lauren Jones, McCall Langford, Alana Thomas, Emily Whitaker

17: CAA Performer of the Week (33)

18. Football Performers of the Week (4): College Football Performance, Drew Little, Darren McCray, Bo Schlechter, Albert Wilson

19. CAA Rookie of the Week (12)

20. CAA All-Academic Team: James Fields, Cody Paulk, Marques Johnson

21. NCGA All-American Scholars: women's golf, Charlotte Lorentzen, Solveig Hoverson, Laura Sanchez.

22. Peach of an Athletes: Audrey Cantrell and Charlotte Lorentzen named Peach of Athletes

23. GSU Student-Athletes of the Year: Lorentzen and Mark Micowski named GSU Student-Athletes of the Year

24. Atlanta Sports Person of the Year and Atlanta Sports Hall of Fame inductee: Coach Bill Curry

25. Chase Hodges honored by ITA (for taking 5th team to tournament)