The Georgia State football program participated in CAA Football Media Day for the first time as head coach Bill Curry and seniors Christo Bilukidi and Clyde Yandell attend the league's annual kickoff on Wednesday at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Md.

Here are what Coach Curry and the players had to say:

Head Coach Bill Curry

How are things going at Georgia State?

"We are making progress little by little. When you begin a program like this, what you learn is that you are going to inch up and improve. We try to improve at least 2% a day at something. We set that 2% goal when we began the program so that we would have some goals during the time that we weren't playing games yet.

What has happened over the last year is that we have realized what a tough league we are getting into both academically and athletically. Playing against Old Dominion in our first year was an eye opener last fall and it is a brand new team and they were wonderful. Coach Bobby Wilder has done an incredible job there and I know that the rest of the league, almost all of them, is picked ahead of ODU and that is a very sobering thing for us. We have got our work cut out for us and we are delighted we don't have to play these (CAA) guys for another year. We are going to try to improve a lot between now and then. But, having said that, we should be a much better football team this year than we were a year ago.

At this time a year ago, we were bringing in our second recruiting class and the guys that had been on campus didn't know the new guys. Now, we all know each other and we know what to expect, so we should be a more veteran team this time. We played a range of opponents and what happened was the ones that were not as privileged as we were in terms of scholarships, like Shorter University in Rome, Ga.; we were able to win those games. We got beat by some of those schools like Lambuth as well and then we played some tough schools. We probably played our best game against Jacksonville State and they were ranked in the top 5 in the FCS at that time. It took them overtime and we almost beat them, but didn't get the job done. Then at the end of the year, we were foolish enough to go play Alabama in Tuscaloosa, which was an opportunity to see what that feels like, but got our ears pinned back. We learned a great lesson. We didn't play well at Alabama but we played hard. The best lesson I think we learned was against ODU. We saw just how tough this conference is going to be and we are going to have to improve drastically to have a chance to compete."

How is it working out playing at the Georgia Dome?

"It helps us a lot to play in the Georgia Dome. When we recruit and they take their families to the Dome, their faces change. And now that we actually have some practice facilities, which just happened this summer, their faces change when they see that because they have heard we (GSU) doesn't even have a locker room or a practice field. Well, we have got those things now, so we see people taking us even more seriously. Our academic support system is very important, perhaps we haven't gotten our GPA to the point where I want it, but we are at a 2.7 as a team and trying hard to compete in the classrooms in a tough university academically. In all those areas, we are inching forward and making progress in those systems.

There are so many aspects to building a program from scratch that it must feel good to be where you are now.

"Well, three years ago at this moment, we had no football, no helmet and we had no office. We had no staff, we had no telephones, and we had no football players. So, to have come this far in this short period of time is nice. But, it is not even close to where we need to be."

Defensive End Christo Bilukidi

How does it feel being invited to the CAA Media Day?

"Well we are glad to have been invited and happy to be here to represent Georgia State University. It is an honor to be invited to the CAA Media Day. We are glad to see and meet some of the competition we will have next year. Unfortunately, I won't be playing as a senior, but for GSU we are glad that we are going to be playing in such a powerhouse conference and against such good competition."

What do you know about the CAA?

"I know it is one of the best, if not the best, conference in the FCS. We know that the competition level is out there and we know that it is actually all more north than we are. We are deep, deep south from every other team, so we are going to be traveling a long way from plane ride to plane ride. But, we are really excited."

As a senior, how has the team been improving?

"We just hired a new strength and conditioning coach. I just returned from a visit home and everyone is telling me the new coach is doing a tremendous job for us. So, we hope to be getting bigger, faster and stronger and anything we need to do to be a strong, competitive football team. We are mentally getting there and physically getting better, for sure.

How important was it to have a winning inaugural season?

"That was really important to have a winning season so that it established us as a program. It shows we are going to compete at a high level. We went against some good competition and a 6-5 season was not where we really wanted to be, but at the same time, it is a record that we can say at least we won our first year as a new program."

How did it feel running out of the tunnel at the Dome for your first game?

It was great. Over 30,000 people were there. My whole family was able to come. It was probably the greatest feeling. I have never run out of a tunnel into a bigger crowd than that. There were so many people and great, loud fans. The anticipation was great and we had a super time. That first game was simply unbelievable."

Offensive tackle Clyde Yandell

How did it feel running out of the tunnel at the Dome for your first game?

"It was definitely exciting. You have a lot of challenges being a brand new team, but to me it is part of the overall excitement. You just are looking to build a good foundation and it is definitely a plus to have a winning season. Like Christo Bilukidi, you want to be competitive. It was just exciting and definitely a challenge. We want to build from that this year."

What are the goals for this season?

"We want to be as competitive as possible. Which you know 6-5 last year is just above .500, so we definitely improve on that. The goal is to win them all. We will see how close we get to that this year."