Student Tickets
-- All currently enrolled, athletic-fee paying students are eligible to receive one (1) complimentary admission to each home game.
-- Any current GSU faculty/staff member that is currently enrolled in classes will not qualify for a complimentary student ticket.
-- Students must use their GSU PantherCard, issued by the department of Auxiliary and Support Services, to receive admission into the Sports Arena. If a student has lost their PantherCard, they must get a new one in order to gain admission.

Student Seating
There are a total of 450 Lower Level seats held at the Sports Arena for students
-- 297 total seats located in Sections 105 and 107.
-- 75 seats located behind each basket.
-- 750 seats will open in the Mezzanine level (200 Level) if the Lower Level is filled.
-- If students do not use all of the allocated seats, then GSU Athletics reserves the right to open some or all of the student seats to the general public for sale.

-- Student admissions are non-transferable. For example, Student A cannot gain admission using the PantherCard of Student B.
-- Any student found to have their PantherCard scanned more than once may have their ticket privileges revoked.
-- Within the assigned student sections, seating is general admission. This enables students to sit with friends and select their preferred seat location within the student sections at the Sports Arena.
-- Students are welcome to reserve one or two seats for friends with whom they wish to sit during games. Students are not permitted to save large blocks of seats.

Companion Tickets 
Current Georgia State students may purchase companion tickets to each home game. Companion tickets are $5 each after showing a valid Panther ID card. These tickets must be purchased at the GSU Box Office. The GSU Box Office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Companion tickets can be purchased on the day of the game at the GSU Box Office.

Violating Policies
Students who abuse provisions of the student ticket distribution policy will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students and, when necessary, to the Georgia State University Police. Violations that will result in referrals include, but are not limited to:
-- The presentation of a false, duplicated, replicated, or altered GSU PantherCard, or the GSU PantherCard of another student, at the student entry gate or the GSU Athletics Ticket Office.
-- The sale, attempted sale or transfer of student companion tickets.
-- The duplication, replication, or alteration of student companion tickets.
-- Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to the online student ticket distribution system or the personal account of another student.
-- Students found "responsible" for violations of the student ticket distribution policy or convicted of a criminal act related to the student ticket distribution policy, will result in the loss of all student ticket privileges for the remainder of the school year.