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Coach Bill Curry penned his book "Ten Men You Meet In The Huddle" that is a metaphor for life because those others that you meet in a huddle, or a locker room, represent the differences in backgrounds that must come together for the common goal.

"The beauty of the huddle is that everyone is equal," said head coach Bill Curry when asked Monday after practice about his concept. "When it comes to a football team, everyone is equal, from the water boy to the third-string player. Everyone is important for the team to be successful."

Without the contribution from everyone in a huddle or on a team, major successes cannot be accomplished. All must learn how to help someone else, while being helped themselves.

A huddle usually reflects the differences each brings to a team. None have traveled the same path, few have lived the same lifestyle; all have different scars and lessons learned from growing up the way they have. Some may be from big cities; some from tiny towns; some have traveled the world, some have never left their area. Religion may be the most important to one; atheism is all another knows. Cultures of family lifestyles, foods eaten, habits formed are varied and unique. Body sizes and shapes are all different for various reasons, yet each is equally important to the concept of the team.

Add in the character-building that must take place during the scorching and brutal summer heat and humidity to prepare for the season ahead. Factor in the body aches and pains from two-a-days and banging into one another because as coaches will say: dancing is a contact sport, football is a collision sport. Tempers may flare, compromise must take place.

The bonding and meshing of individuals into a team with one goal and one purpose is the point. But, the individual character and personality are allowed to show to build the team chemistry. The sum of the parts must be greater than expected. The belief in "I will not let you down" resonates from one teammate to the other to give more even when you might think you can't.

Georgia State's huddle is quite reflective of all that.  For every one that is an only child, another comes from a large family. For every one that is a few miles from GSU, another comes from California, or Canada, or New England. Some may have been coached by their dad; others may have barely known their dad. Some may find studying and classes easy and make a 4.0, others have to struggle to stay academically eligible. Some never miss a Sunday in church or a daily devotional; some may have never been inside a church. Some may have long, flowing hair or beards or goatees; others may prefer a close crop look with no facial hair. All may have different favorite foods and tastes. Some can lift hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight; some can run fast and for a long time. Everybody has had a challenge to overcome in their own way.

Coach Bill Curry spoke about his Georgia State team. "Our Georgia State team personifies what it takes to be in the huddle," the veteran and architect of GSU football said.

"Everyone in our Georgia State huddle has their different beliefs and creeds, but when you join the huddle, you are no better or no worse than anyone else you are getting ready to play with," Curry added.

"If you are not willing to sacrifice to accept those in our Georgia State huddle, then we will find someone else who will and you will not be a part of this team at this historic time," he noted.

Sport Information's Mike Holmes took a camera to practice for and while he could have taken a photo of every player, we picked 10 random faces from the team just to show that difference that makes us all unique.