ATLANTA--As the Georgia State football team continues preparations for its encore season, a couple of seniors from the Panthers' inaugural team can now be seen on television.

Viewers might have to look carefully to see them, but Iain Vance, last year's All-America placekicker, and backup linebacker Trey Ennis earned roles as extras in the cable television series, "Necessary Roughness," which airs on USA Network.

Vance graduated in the spring with a degree in political science and is now beginning graduate school in GSU's sports administration program while working with the football team as a graduate assistant. Ennis, who also graduated in political science, is now in law school at Mercer University.

"Necessary Roughness" is about a psychologist who begins working for the local football team to counsel its star wide receiver. Much of the filming was done in Atlanta, both in studio and on location.

"We went to a casting call in June," recalled Vance. "There were about 20 or 30 guys there, all former football players either in college, arena leagues and even some former NFL guys."

As extras, they are not permitted to have speaking roles, but Vance and Ennis appear in the background of locker room scenes and other settings as teammates.

"In one scene, all I did was walk by in the background, but we did it about 30 times because the actor kept messing up his lines," said Vance.

Vance does have one memorable moment.

"I have one actual scene where I'm on screen, by myself, for about three seconds. The scene was about pregame rituals, and it showed a couple of players going through their rituals. I play the kicker, and I'm pouring cayenne pepper into my shoe. That's my pregame ritual."

Vance did not need pepper to have a successful season for the Panthers; he managed to hit 15-of-17 field goals with nothing in his shoes but his feet.

Georgia State's season 2011 season opener is just two weeks away as the Panthers host Clark Atlanta on Friday, Sept. 2, at 7:30 p.m. at the Georgia Dome. Season and individual game tickets are on sale now (866-GA-STATE or