Story by William Inman
GSU Magazine

Vince Lombardi called them his War Council. In 1965 - Bill Curry's rookie year with the Green Bay Packers - that group included future Pro Football Hall of Famers Willie Davis, Bart Starr and Forrest Gregg. The team won the NFL Championship that year, and the Packers went on to become the decade's football dynasty.

"They were great leaders and great men, and I just observed how they worked," Georgia State's head football coach now remembers. "They provided consistent leadership and positive leadership for the team."

They also sharpened Curry's perception of what it means to be a leader. As a unit, they set the standard both on and off the field, and they kept the players and Lombardi, the Packers' fiery head coach, from ever coming to loggerheads.

On each of his teams throughout Curry's long and illustrious coaching career, he's sought to assemble his own core group of players - team members who lead by example in the classroom, in the locker room and, as Curry tells it, "in the fourth quarter when we're coming down the stretch against an outstanding football team."

Now, as Georgia State football gets set to enter its sophomore season, Curry has established a Leadership Council of 13 young men who are committed to the pursuit of excellence as students and as athletes, and who are leaders for the entire Panther football team.

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