Head Coach Bill Curry

On Jacksonville State's head coach...
"Jack Crowe is a good friend and has done a fantastic job wherever he has been, as an offensive coordinator at the really big schools, as the head coach at a big school for a brief time, and the last 12 years at Jacksonville State. There is something in our business about a veteran mind. He thinks of things that other people do not. He's creative. Most of us are not as creative as Jack. By that, I mean he makes us defend a variety of unusual things in virtually every facet of the game. You have to think and practice different things. It is all designed in a clever way."

On playing Jacksonville State...
"I counted 22 players on their roster from the state of Georgia, there might be more than that. What that means is there will be a lot of emotion with playing us because we're a school that's in-state. That's just something that guys talk about playing against their former high school teammates or opponents. They are very talented in the skill positions. They've got a stout veteran defense. Their offensive line has some young players. They'll be maturing every week and that's been part of the issues that they've been dealing with. I'm sure they will improve each week. They are very efficient in the red zone, one of the only teams in America to have scored every time they get inside the 20. They will be a formidable opponent in their stadium."

On his team's preparation...
"Our team right now is very disappointed, and we have practiced hard to correct the things that need to be corrected. We don't always understand why we aren't ourselves when it comes time to play, but that's just the human factor. All we get is the resolve to get it fixed and to get it fixed now. The only answer to how we feel right now is to have great preparation all week and go get a win on the road in a tough place to play. We've practiced hard to redeem ourselves. I believe we are preparing in a manner that will allow us to play our very best. If we play our best we have a chance to win this game and that's exactly what we intend to do."

On special teams...
"We just have to practice over and over until we have it right. It will help us that Bo Schlechter will be able to punt this week. Now that we've shown flaws, people will be trying to exploit that all of the time. The definition of a football coach is a person who takes a problem on the field and makes it disappear. If you can't do that against good competition, then you're going to get killed. We had some young players who were not prepared and when that happens, you don't play full speed. We're getting some more veteran people on the field in those key spots."

On his team's attitude...
"The thing that disappointed me the most in the game last week was that we didn't show our number one attribute, which is that we love football. We love to play. We didn't get out there with reckless abandon and get after folks. When we play like that, we're hard to beat. When we don't we limit our opportunities. So we have to get back to playing like we are supposed to play. If that means getting off the bus in Jacksonville, Alabama, then that's what we're going to do. No matter where you have to conduct your business trip, you go there and do it well."

Redshirt Senior Joseph Gilbert

Do you think the running game has improved this year from last year?
"I feel like the running game has improved tremendously from last year. If you look at how many times we ran the ball against Old Dominion last year versus how many times we ran this year, that speaks for itself. I don't think we handed the ball off once in the second half last year. This year, we tried to grind it out. That speaks a lot to our running game.

On the graduate school rule
"I think it's a wonderful rule. At the end of my time at Georgia Tech I talked to the people at the admissions office about the master's program and when they told me that applying wasn't an option, you're faced with very few choices with what you want to do. In my opinion, college and college football is about getting things that will help you later on in life. I earned the management degree and I wanted a master's degree. I didn't want to waste time getting another degree that I'm not going to use. I think the rule is awesome because many athletes feel like they are attached to a university and feel like they don't have an option once they graduate. The graduate rule allows you to continue your academic journey and continue learning. It prepares you better for the outside world as opposed to majoring in football in college and that being your sole purpose.

On who he likes to see run the ball on offense
"Out of our running backs, there's not a bad choice. I love seeing Parris back there, I've met Donald now and I love seeing him run the ball, and Travis is doing a great job. As soon as we get Rosevelt back there I'd love to see him get some carries. There's not a bad choice in our backfield.

On how the offensive line will overcome the loss of center Ben Jacoby against Jacksonville State
"Ben is our vocal leader on the offensive line. He makes all the calls pre-snap and he's the one who makes sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. It will be a struggle replacing him, but it won't be just one person taking the job. We're all trying to come together and fill that void that's there now. We're going to miss him. You can't just replace Ben Jacoby. He's been here since before I arrived here. When I first came here, it was always clear who the leader on the offensive line was. It's going to be a unique experience playing without him, we'll miss him.

On who will make the calls on the offensive line at Jacksonville State
"Michael Davis will make the calls. He'll be anchoring our offensive line. He did a real good job during the third quarter when Ben left the Old Dominion game. He did a great job stepping up. It is incredibly hard coming off the sidelines when you're cold, you haven't done anything all game and all of a sudden you have to come in and run things. He did a great job. You can really see him building off of that. I really saw that yesterday in practice and today in practice. He's getting more comfortable calling the huddle, making the line calls and coordinating the offense.