Georgia State Head Coach Bill Curry

There are not any words for that. Except to say, for one more embarrassing fourth quarter performance, we apologize to the Georgia State Community. If we understood the syndrome, we would have corrected it by now. It is a pattern that has just been devastating to us that we bring on ourselves. I honestly believe that it is very much the head coach's responsibility to prevent these types of things, when it happens over and over and over and it doesn't change. If I could go back and start over I don't know what I would do differently and that is another sad thing. It is an embarrassment. The other team of course did a marvelous job. They are a good team but this shouldn't have happened and we all know that. It would be nice to sit here and speak in platitudes but there aren't any platitudes and there is nowhere to go except go back to work and try to correct it. We have two more games to play this year.

How devastating or disappointing was that poor kickoff after your field goal that gave them the short field to be able to come down and at least give themselves a chance to tie the game?

Well it was very disappointing. Matt Ehasz has not kicked in a game except one extra point in the first game this year. Christian Benvenuto injured himself in the pregame so Matt came on and kicked for us and did a good job except for that kick. On the last attempt, that was out of his range and we just had to try it. But the kick off that went out of bounds, that was significant. 

Were they doing anything on offense that was more complicated than it looked to keep generating those big plays?

They were running by us and we weren't tackling them. They were blocking us. There was nothing more complicated than that. We knew what they were doing but just didn't get the job done.

Did y'all overlook this team?

Absolutely not. We took it seriously. We knew they were good. Craig Harmon used to coach there. They are having the best year in their history. It is possible certain members of the team didn't take it seriously, but we certainly did not overlook them.

When you look at the heights and weights between your offensive line and their front seven, it looks like there was a significant advantage in your favor. You seemed like you were trying to run the ball a lot but then stopped. What were you seeing that was behind that decision?

They stacked the box. They put an extra tackler in there which is what you do when you intend to stop the run. There were pass opportunities all the time but we still wanted to run the ball in spite of the extra tackler and felt like we could. The times that we didn't run very well we were either outnumbered or we didn't block well enough.

Is this the most disappointing loss in your coaching career?

Well I think if I say that then that is saying St. Francis didn't deserve it. They deserved to win. They won the game. They played better than we did and I don't want to diminish that. It is very, very disappointing.

It seemed like the offensive play calling in the first overtime was a little conservative. Can you talk about that?

I think that is true, that we were conservative. What had gone in in the game prior to that, we probably should have done it differently, obviously. That doesn't mean that we didn't think the play would work that we called. We thought it was a good call. We didn't think it was conservative, but in retrospect thinking about it there are some other things we could have done that would have had a better chance of succeeding.


 "It was a big win for our guys, especially after a tough conference loss last week. I'm proud of our guys for keeping fighting and coming down here to get this win."

On true freshman kicker Sean Murray
"I'm happy for him and our whole special teams unit. He came up big with two huge kicks and an onside kick recovered."

On Georgia State
"I don't have any more respect for anyone in the coaching field than Coach Curry. I've read his book and seen him speak and it was an honor to coach against him."

On the fourth quarter offense
"We thought that they were getting a little tired, so we spread them out and let (quarterback) EJ (White) make some plays with his legs and arm."
"It was a great experience coming down here to play in this stadium and in this environment. It is a once in a lifetime experience for our guys, but now we have to go back to work for our conference title game next week."



  • This was Georgia State's third consecutive overtime game, with a 27-20 win over South Alabama and a 17-14 loss at UTSA. It is the 5th OT game in the 20-game history (2-3 overall).
  • Kelton Hill had a personal-best 98 yards rushing today. Hill ran for 95 yards last year vs. Savannah State and 94 yards this year vs. South Carolina State.
  • Albert Wilson had his seventh catch this season over 48 yards with his 50-yard catch in the third quarter. His long catches include 78, 64, 54, 54, 53 and 48. He entered today's game averaging 92.5 yards per game (89 today) and 26.4 yards per catch (12.7 today).
  • Danny Williams 22-yard TD catch put him over 1,000 career yards and marked the 20th consecutive game he has caught at least one pass (every game in GSU history). He topped the 22-yarder with a 26-yard catch in the fourth quarter.
  • Kelton Hill's 52-yard run in the second quarter was the longest rush from scrimmage this year for GSU (32 by Russell). It is Hill's second-longest run as he scampered 53 yards last year against Lambuth. The school record is 62 yards by Sidney Haynes vs Lamar.
  • Saint Francis came into the game averaging 47.2 points per game. They had scored 50 or more points in five games. Saint Francis allowed just 15.1 points per game coming into today. They had held five teams without a TD.
  • Today's attendance of 11,565 ups the season five-game total to 74,588 (14,918 average). GSU has ranked in the top 20 among FCS schools all year long.
  • Albert Wilson came into today's game averaging 140.8 all-purpose yards per game. Today, he added 144 all-purpose yards.