Willy's Family Zone
GSU home football games are packed with great family entertainment at a low price. The Family Zone season ticket package includes four Family Zone season tickets. Season Tickets for the Willy's Family Zone comes with exclusive Willy's prizes!  Fans who purchase the season ticket package will receive a per ticket discount as well. Make sure to check out all of the family fun at Pounce Town, located at Gate C inside the Georgia Dome. Call 866-GA-STATE (427-8283) to purchase Willy's Family Zone (F) tickets or click here and enter the promo code FAMILYZONE.   

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Atlanta ∙ Athens ∙ Gainesville, Fla.

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It's what's inside the burrito that counts...

At Willy's our focus is on the food and we've discovered the key to great tasting food is in the ingredients.  We choose to prepare our food the way you would at home. We marinate and char grill quality meats that arrive fresh, not frozen. We shred our own cheese to ensure moistness and flavor. We use fresh produce and chop it up ourselves. We use blind taste tests to ensure we get the best tasting products from our suppliers; you would be amazed at how different chipotle peppers can taste from different suppliers. We look at taste first then we look at the cost. We make guacamole and tomatillo sauce twice a day, not because we need to but because they taste so much better -it's that extra freshness that really counts. We could use bottled minced garlic in our recipes, but we use whole peeled garlic cloves flash fried to bring out a roasted mellow flavor. There is no comparison between food prepared from scratch in the kitchen to food that arrives frozen.

"This is the big, fat burrito joint that puts just about every other big, fat burrito joint to shame."  -- John Kessler, AJC Dining Guide