Georgia State Head Coach Bill Curry

Opening Statement...

"As I've said repeatedly, we have a gutty bunch, but we're not doing what we have to do. We fight, scratch, bite and it's not enough. But we will continue. The players are responding, the players are giving effort. We simply have to become cohesive. We have to settle on another quarterback who has enormous potential. We have to eliminate the mistakes that are plaguing us and believe in ourselves. That's easy to talk about, but tough to do. These are things I've said repeatedly and I know that, but there's nothing else to say. We will continue to work until we make this a good football team. We have the makings of a good football team."

On QB Ben McLane...

"He was hit on the forearm and his hand went numb. We didn't know that. We had a play call for a flea-flicker right before the half. It looked as if it would be very successful, but he couldn't catch the ball. He didn't know we would call that at that time and he was trying to be a tough guy and continue to play. I asked him if his hand was numb and he said, 'No. I just can't close it.' So he couldn't catch the ball or take the snaps. So we had to go with Ronnie [Bell] and he did some great things."

On playing with the fifth quarterback in three years...

"It's incredibly difficult, but if you have to do it, you have to do it. It would be great to have consistency at that spot. But it seems that something intrudes every time we think we've found the right guy. There's some injury or personal issue. I've never experienced anything approaching it."

On the team believing in themselves...

"The fire didn't go out. I didn't see that. I'm talking about believing in yourself during the play-- catching the ball, playing with confidence, finishing your blocks, finishing your tackles. This team has so much more athletic ability than we've had in before. It's in better condition and can play to the wire. We have to play well the whole time and that's our job."

On the defense's performance...

"There was no lack of effort. There was execution by the other team that was very good. There were cases were we had the guy covered and simply didn't make the play. That's another thing that's happened repeatedly this year. These are guys who have made plays ever since they've got here. They've got to return to doing that. When the ball is thrown up, you've got to be able to either tip it away or come down with it ourselves. We've been pretty good at it until this year. They executed better than we did."

Georgia State QB Ronnie Bell

On coming off the bench...

"I was ready to come off the bench and into the game and go out there to the best I can be. I think I showed we have a good backup quarterback, as well as a good starting quarterback, and that I can lead the team if the situation needed me to."



(On expecting to come to the Georgia Dome and get a dominant victory)

"I felt like we could win, and I felt like everyone played their best today.  I feel very proud of our coaches and the game plan and the guys really executed today."

(On turnovers and conversions of them)

"That is huge. You've got to protect the football. We created some turnovers and then we did something with it."

(On the play of his receivers)

"Great throws gave the guys some opportunities. But, the receivers took advantage of those opportunities. To jump that high on the TD was unbelievable. Your quarterbacks make your receivers look good and your receivers make your quarterbacks look good."

(On taking QB Ben McLane out of the game)

"I think he is a very good young QB who is coming on. Maybe it limited what they could do once he was out."

(On being 3-0 and having to work the team harder)

"That's a good point and we need to talk to the team about that. I don't care, if you start to think you're good and don't work hard, it can be trouble. Our progress is still the same and we still think we can win every game. Also, those team we play can, indeed, beat us so we got to be at our best."