Georgia State Head Coach Bill Curry

Opening Statement...

"When you have a change to make a first down on fourth-and-one, you have to do it every single time if you want to be a football team. We took some gambles today that were a little bit outside the norm. We made those plays because we were not here for a decent showing, we were here to win the game. There were some of the most encouraging things and some of the most discouraging things of the season. We hurt ourselves in so many ways. We had sure interceptions that simply fell out of our hands. We knocked the ball lose and didn't fall on it, allowed them to recover their own fumbles. On the other end, there was good blocking at times and excellent pass protection at times. [Quarterback] Ronnie Bell showed well with some exceptions. He runs well in addition to his powerful arm and his leadership. There were some circumstances that were outside our control. The way we've been working in practice gave us a chance to compete better. We played some young guys, who ended up doing extremely well. We had some excellent goal line work, but hurt ourselves again by lining up offside and giving them another down. We're going to keep pushing and working until everyone is on the same page and everyone giving their very best all of the time."

On running back Donald Russell...

"He had 29 touches and averaged five yards per. It was a Donald Russell day. You just see how valuable he is. We just have to keep giving it to him. He didn't get banged up today, or not to the extent where he had to come out or where he was unable to carry the load."

On the defensive preparedness...

"We were obviously better prepared for the speed of the game as the game wore on. In spite of that, we couldn't get sustained drives and kept putting the defense back out on the field. We still have to play sound football and can't just give the ball to the opponent over and over and expect the defense to hold up. We played extremely hard, but once again that was not enough."

On the attendance...

"I knew if we didn't win and play well that we would have attendance issues. I've experienced that before, but I didn't expect us not to play well. I didn't sit down and think that we might have attendance problems. But we're not foolish enough to think that, in this market, if we don't play well, everyone is going to keep coming. We have to earn their interest, we have to earn their respect and earn our ticket sales. That's just the job we have to do."

#20 Donald Russell

On playing well in today's game...

"I tried as much as I could. The line did a tremendous job blocking. It's frustrating that we couldn't finish, but it's just something we have to go back in the film room and just get situated."

On what it's going to take to be consistent...

"It's just practice, practice, practice. We've just got to make plays, that's all. It's just something we've got to keep working on and eventually we'll be able to do it [consistently]."


Richmond Coach Danny Rocco

(On first half and what he didn't like about that half)

"I think we had opportunities to put this opponent away and we didn't. It was very disappointed. I'm obviously happy we won and it is a conference win, which we haven't had in a while. It puts us at 3-1 and 1-0 in conference to head into next week. Proud of our kids coming down here and finding a way to win by a comfortable margin. We couldn't knock the ball in the end zone at the end of the half and maybe we should have thrown it more in the first half, which will always be a concern if you're not able to do that. We really struggled with the movement in the goal line area. As the second half unfolded, I thought we took control a little bit. I took some guys out and they got another score. Always happy to win, I just wasn't quite as pleased with our production and our consistency."

(What did staff see about Georgia State rushing the QB)

"The QB is the most difficult player to account for in a running game and we have a number of read plays when John reads as the play unfolds. I was a little concerned that he took a couple of shots today and a couple helmets to the body, especially down near the goal line. He's fine and I did pull him when I thought we didn't need him out there any more."

(The play of your defense)

"We held them on several fourth down opportunities. At the very end, Doug made two key interceptions. That was a great interception in the end zone. And, on the last drive, we got another one. We batted the ball down a couple times where we could have had more picks. That was encouraging to see us active around the football on defense."

(Next week vs. ODU)

"I think we are where we need to be. Obviously, to win three consecutive by three convincing scores sends a real statement where you're at. Needless to say, we need to play the best game of the year next week against ODU."