Georgia State Head Coach Bill Curry

Opening Statement...

"We had a chance to drive up and down the field, but stopped ourselves repeatedly. When we did start to drive, it was too little too late. Once again, the tendency, when the defense made a great play or had a turnover, we almost immediately found a way to turn the ball back over. That's just simply a matter of poise. There is no excuse and no explanation. I understand why that is the case. We can talk all we want to, but we have to get that done. We must get that done if we want to compete with the people on our schedule. When we don't turn it over, we are competitive. Our tackling also has to improve. Early in the game, our pass protection was not what it has been. There are series of mistakes by veteran players, one after another, that cost us. The other team had some mistakes and we had a chance to capitalize, and sometimes we did, sometimes we didn't. We have to capitalize on every opportunity and we're just not getting that done. New Hampshire has a good football team, but the game should have been more competitive."

On the quarterback situation...

"We have confidence in both quarterbacks. They've both done some good things. We'll have to study it and see how much of the mistakes were on him [Bell] and how much was on the pass protection. The protection was considerably better when Ben McLane was in the game. It may have been that Ben was throwing on rhythm but we'll have to study it and see.  Which ever one is performing the best is the one that will play."

On how the team can improve...

"Everyone continued to play hard. We got to the football, we just didn't tackle when we got there. We did for long stretches, but not nearly long enough. There are a lot of things we can do to improve and we're doing a lot of them, or all the things that I know of. There is enthusiastic response when we go out and change the practice style, which we have. We're faster than we were a few weeks ago and it's because of the way we practice. But there is a risk in the way we're practicing because you get more injuries because you hit more. We just don't have enough players were we can lose anymore. And that's what happens. We do full speed, goal line work. It has paid off, we've seen it in the games."


New Hampshire Head Coach Sean McDonnell

(On game in general)

I thought we played pretty clean the first half and didn't turn the ball over.

I thought defensively they got us on the third down, a little bit of a broken play and go. I thought defensively in the first half we did a nice job.

We blocked a punt and we had talked about doing something on special teams this week and we did that. We had a really good kickoff return, after they had just scored to close to about 20.

I'm really pleased with how hard we played again. If we can keep doing that, we'll be able to win some more games.

(On big plays)

We have some kids who are pretty good in open spaces. We're not the fastest, but they have a knack for playing football, but what we do offensively, like spreading people out works. Our quarterbacks get the ball to the right people and that helps us out so much.

(On defensive line)

One kid, Jarred Smith, he has not played as well as he wants to play or we want him to play. He was out and has not played as well as he can. They didn't block him very well in the first half and he made those big plays. I thought our defensive line set the tone for the game.

Our whole offense is predicated on spacing and we spread out the Georgia State defense. We have balance with skilled players and spread the field well.

(On Georgia State)

When you have young QB's and they're playing at this level, they are going to make mistakes.