Georgia State Head Coach Bill Curry

Opening Statement...

"Obviously, we didn't learn what we should have over the last couple of weeks culminating last weekend with a reasonable performance. Today, a good Villanova team pushed us around all day. There really aren't words for it. I don't have an explanation. I don't have an excuse. We've got three more opponents coming up that are ranked higher than Villanova. We've got work to do. We'll get ready to go to James Madison and finish this season with some dignity. We've got to be a whole lot better than today."

On changes the team needs to make...

"The play calling has been good the past two weeks. Dropped balls and missed throws were the things that hurt us more than play calling today. We have to line up with the people we have and play better. We can't change scheme now at this stage. If we wanted to add lineman, for instance, we don't have them to do that. We've got to play with the people we've got and get them to run to the ball and tackle."

On the running backs...

"Donald Russell had an MCL strain and couldn't return today. It will take time to see where he is. The other backs ran extremely well. They all ran real well today and they all practice hard. One thing everyone preaches in this sport, if you've not a starter, practice as if you are going to start. All of them have practiced well and they played well."

On WR Albert Wilson...

"Albert plays his heart out every game and he was sick because of those two early drops. Those were significant, but he is human. He is just a great player. We have a lot of ways to get him the ball. Reverses and double reverses, but there are probably a few other ways."

On Villanova...

"They blocked us. But we were also out of position on the quarterback runs. We've seen this every week, it isn't magic. He's a good player, but he's not so fast that we couldn't wrap him up. We didn't play our responsibilities and lost our poise."

Quarterback Ben McLane

On the disappointment of not being able to carry momentum from last week...

"It's extremely disappointing, obviously. It's hard becasue we do put so much effort. We all care a lot, and when you don't get the results you want, it's tough. It's real tough."

On sensing coach Curry's frustrations...

"We're all frustrated ourselves. We do one good thing and then shoot ourselves in the foot. It frustrates everyone. We put so much work into, including Coach Curry, from top to bottom. We put a lot of time and effort into this, and is hurt by things like that. There's only one thing to do: keep working hard and get it next week."



(On game in general)

I thought we played very well. Obviously, the punt return and pick six helped. When you're trying to establish some things, I think we had our running game going today. That's what we were hoping to do. QB John Robinson had another good game running the ball. Our defense played well. We didn't give them a lot of big plays. We had one kickoff return that did hurt us. By and large, we played well defensively. Our ability to run the football kept us where we needed to be today.

(On pick six play )

Those things are always turn around factors for you. I think the pick six was devastating because he happened so quick and it can really hurt your comeback stuff. The punt return and the pick six were the two big plays of the game today. They take a lot out of you.

(On punt return for TD, first in 30 years)

We talked about it for a long time that during my career at Villanova we hadn't had one. The law of averages almost says you have to pull something off. We finally had one after he made the first two or three guys miss. Everybody else was running hard the wrong way. It didn't take much to get to the seam when you make the first guys miss. I think Ronnie Akins had a great block. For me, it was a fun thing.

(On 49 points and being able to grind it through the ground to eat time)

We've played this way the last two or three weeks. We haven't turned it over much and that is important. Yes, I would like to have some bigger plays, but you're going to get those in the passing game most often. When you only throw 16-18 times, you probably aren't getting big plays. Our running backs read well and run hard. That is offense we have now. Our game breaker is our quarterback.