Opening Statement...

"Everyone who knows anything about football knows that the time has come for use to be a good football team. It is our job to get that done. With all of the honoring of our seniors and the kind gestures, we still didn't manage to play to our potential, or anywhere close to it. Yes, we fought back and we always will. But when you are down that far to a really good football team, it made it so difficult to win. We would have had to be perfect in the second half and we certainly weren't. While I'm glad that the guys fight back, we shouldn't have to. We should just be fighting from the very beginning. I know that that will happen in due time. We have one more week to make it happen and we will be right back at it. We have one more game and I pray that we play our best game. That is what I'm going to expect. The men already know that."

On WR Albert Wilson...

"When Albert drops a couple of balls early and you're against him, you need to let everyone know you are in trouble, because he is going to make up for it. He was not suppose to bring that ball out [on the kickoff return for a touchdown.] It was kicked four yards deep and it's the longest kickoff return I've ever been a part of. What Albert does is use his super-natural ability and it is amazing to see. Those were fast people chasing him and they couldn't catch him. On the deep ball, [Offensive Coordinator] Coach Bond knew we had it. Once Albert gets even with you and the throw is there, it doesn't matter what you do, because he is going to score. It was a super-human individual effort."

On the lack of discipline...

"It's a function of coaching. There is no other way to say it. There are no excuses or pointing fingers. You have to get that done. I wouldn't have sworn to you that we would have it done earlier this season. I promised our leaders that this team would be consistent. We haven't made anybody play against our very best. It has to happen against the best teams. We have to make it happen. I was so in hopes that we were going to play our best. Not for me or even for our seniors, but for everyone, the Georgia State community. It is what everyone deserves that has knocked themselves out to give us this equipment, this facility, this backing. You can write this down: Georgia State is going to be a great success."

On the team's returning experience...

"You can't let this go unsaid: we had 28 fourth-year players coming back this year. I counted on them to provide great leadership. That was the basis for my positive expectations. Those 28 guys can't just show up and bust their gut. They did that the whole off-season. They can't just do that and come back and make the kinds of mistakes we made this year. They have a lot of work to do to make themselves the kind of proper fourth-year players."



(On game in general)

We wanted to continue to establish our ability to run the ball, which I felt very good about today with the 200 yards. Defensively, it was trying to contain their run game and the fact that they had 31 carries for 52 yards, I feel very good about our defensive front seven. So, running the ball and stopping the run was the No. 1 thing we wanted to accomplish today.

(On Albert Wilson of GSU)

First of all, he is a heck of a player. He caught the ball five yards deep, they executed their sideline return to perfection and they kicked out our three guys to that side. Albert set it up coming to the sideline and then cutting it back inside. He is a legitimate CAA football player. He is a guy on special teams who will get my vote for an all-conference slot.

(On Bill Curry's last game)

He is one of the best people that I have met in this profession. Once he got the job and I knew he was the one starting the program, I immediately reached out to him and offered him any assistance I could. We talked often the last couple of years and particularly when he was coming into the CAA. I was trying to help him as to what was going on. I went out and bought his book, "The Ten Men You Meet In A Huddle," and I asked him to sign it. It is one of the best sports books I have ever read.

(On ODU Quarterback )

He finds ways to win. He finds a way to spread the ball around and keep a lot of people involved. He is very humble. I am sure if you interview him, he'll say he didn't play very well. Or, he'll say that the O line or receivers were the reasons we were successful.