Georgia State's Marching Band was selected to represent Georgia in the Presidential Inaugural Parade on Jan. 21 in Washington, D.C. The parade is televised around the world.

Each of the 50 states has one entry in the historic parade, whether it is an organization, a group, a person or a band.

It appears Georgia State will be one of five college bands, with nine high school bands or units selected. The other college bands are from the states of Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia and Maryland.

GSU's 200-member unit will board buses to leave the campus on Friday, Jan. 18 to make the trip north to the Nation's Capital. A dress rehearsal is held Sunday, Jan. 20, and the parade steps off on Monday at 2:30 following the official Inuguration Ceremony at the Capitol.

The parade route starts between the Library of Congress and the Capitol. It proceeds down the hill on renowned Constitution Avenue. Then, it makes the fork onto historic Pennsylvania Avenue. The route turns up 15th street and then goes in front of the White House reviewing stand.

GSU's Marching Band was formed three years ago when the football team was started and has grown in size each year. This band has been under the leadership of Dr. Chester Phillips, assistant professor of music and director of athletic bands at the university.

This was announced to the fans at last night's GSU basketball game at the Sports Arena, where the basketball band and some of the marching band members were playing.

For most people, participating in an Inaugural Parade is a once in a lifetime experience. In 2009, the state was represented by the South Cobb High School Marching Band, the home school of former Governor Roy Barnes. In 2005, Valdosta's Lowdnes High School Band was chosen and in 2001, Cedar Grove's High School Band from Ellenwood was selected.

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