Every week, GeorgiaStateSports.com will take a few minutes to catch up with some of our players from each Panther team to let you, the fans, get to know them a little better. You normally see the statistics and game recaps, but here, we will ask different questions each week to three new players across all sports throughout the year. Hopefully it will give you a glimpse into their personalities and let you know them a little better.

This week, we talked with Devonta White from men's basketball, Kayla Nolan from women's basketball and Maryam Dogo of women's basketball. 

Devonta White is a senior from Alpharetta, Ga. (Centennial High School) and a speech communications major. White became the 17th player in men's basketball history to score 1,000 points and has played in 95 games in school history.

Kayla Nolan is a junior from Duluth, Ga. (Duluth High School) and was an Academic Scholar in high school and an Athletic's Director's List student at Georgia State with a GPA above 3.0.  Nolan has already scored more than 500 points in her 68 games at GSU.

Maryam Dogo came more than 6,000 miles from Kaduna, Nigeria to play basketball at Georgia State. She posted a 3.93 GPA in junior college to earn national recognition and has been a Dean's List student at Georgia State with a GPA above 3.5 every semester.


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Devonta White

Kayla Nolan

Maryam Dogo

Beach or the mountains?  The beach. I'm afraid of heights The beach, so I can wear a bikini  The beach 
Summer or winter? Winter. It's basketball season!  Winter. I like boots!  Summer 
Do you prefer receiving texts or calls? Texts. Calls on occasion but in general, receiving texts   Depends on who it is. If I am not close friends, texts, but if I care about you, calls  Receiving calls
If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be? MLK! I have questions for him for days  This is tough, but I'd have to say Malcolm X.   Rev. Martin Luther King 
What is the one thing you want the fans to know about you? I can rap. Not well, but I enjoy doing so   I love horses I believe in fairy tales 
In your opinion, what is the best thing about being a student-athlete at GSU? The ability to play in front of my family and friends   The "student" aspect of a student-athlete never gets lost. I am a student first  All of the great opportunities that are available for me
What do you enjoy the most about the athletic competition?  Being competitive, doing what I love and winning Finding out my strengths and weaknesses so I can maximize both   Winning
Sky diving or scuba dving? Scuba diving. I actually did this three years ago with the team in the Bahamas, and it was a great experience   Scuba diving. I'm not so great with heights  Scuba diving
Pineapples on a pizza, genius or crazy?  Crazy. You can't mix fruits with pizza  Crazy! That is not appetizing at all Crazy
What is your favorite meal of the day?  Dinner because that's when I get to eat the most Breakfast! I love cereal. I will eat it at 5 p.m.  

 Lunch because I can eat much as I want and not have to worry about my metabolism. I walk it all off