Every week, GeorgiaStateSports.com will take a few minutes to catch up with some of our players from each Panther team to let you, the fans, get to know them a little better. You normally see the statistics and game recaps, but here, we will ask different questions each week to three new players across all sports throughout the year. Hopefully it will give you a glimpse into their personalities and let you know them a little more.


This week, we talked with Valentin Horvat from men's tennis, Chaimaa Roudami from women's tennis and Katie Worley of softball. Next week, we will hear from student-athletes of men's and women's basketball team.

Horvat is a freshman from Ljubljana, Slovenia. This spring he has started at the No. 1 and No. 2 doubles position and has played at No. 5 and No. 6 singles. Horvat earned his first career cellegiate singles and doubles win on Sept. 19 against Georgia Southern. Prior to Georgia State, he won a men's open event in Las Vegas in 2012 and was the runner-up at the Slovenian National Championship in doubles for the 16 and under age group.

A native of Casblanca, Morocco, Roudami has two singles and two doubles victories this spring playing at the No. 6 singles and No. 3 doubles positions. In the fall, she posted a 9-4 record in singles play and 6-1 mark in doubles action. Roudami posted a 13-5 singles record and won two doubles matches during her first season at Georgia State. The youngest of three in her family, she is a business major and enjoys watching movies and listening to music.

Worley enters her sophomore season after being name to the CAA All-Rookie team as a freshman. She registered 15 wins and two saves in 35 appearances, including 27 starts. Worley tossed 10 complete games with four shutouts. She earned the win at No.23 Georgia after throwing six innings in relief and was named CAA Rookie-of-the-Week for her performance. Worley, a Milton, Fla. native, will aslo play some first base for the Panthers this season. She is a business major. 


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Valentin Horvat

Chaimaa Roudami

Katie Worley

Do you like your orange juice with pulp or without pulp? With   Without Without 
What is the first thing you notice in the opposite sex?  Face  Height Eyes 
If you could be on any game show, which game show would you choose? Who Wants to be a Millionaire  Who Wants to be a Millionarie Family Feud 
What would be your first purchase after winning the lottery?  A house A really nice beach house   A new car
Have a night out or an evening in? Night out   Stay in Evening in 
Tea or coffee? Coffee   Coffee  Coffee
Were you named after anyone? No   No No 
Is your favorite time the past, the present or the future? Present 


What was your first part-time job? I've never had a job before   A tennis instructor

Being a babysitter for a church ministry

What story from sports inspires you? Jimmy Graham, the TE for the New Orlean's Saints  Michael Jordan  My brother's. He played football in college