PAC Priority Points

Priority points are awarded based on total giving to athletics, consecutive years of giving to athletics, season ticket purchases and other bonus points programs. A donor’s priority point total determines their priority rank.

This priority points system is utilized to most equitably determine priority allocation for amenities such as game day parking location within qualifying PAC giving levels, home, away and post-season ticket assignments and premium seating opportunities. In order to utilize your PAC priority points and rank, you must be a current Panther Athletic Club member for that calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).

 Priority Points Chart
Panther Up

In 2017, by giving 110%, stepping up to the next level, and/or by pledging multiple years to the Panther Athletic Club, you can help Georgia State Athletics build a Culture of Success in the classroom and in competition.

To participate in the “Panther Up” bonus priority points program, please check the corresponding box on the 2017 PAC membership form. Be sure to also indicate how many years you would like to pledge out as well as your actual donation amount if stepping up to the next level or giving 110% of your 2016 gift. By pledging out your Panther Athletic Club membership multiple years you accumulate your future pledges' priority points in addition to the priority points awarded for participating in the "Panther Up" bonus priority points program. 

This opportunity for bonus points will only be around for a limited time. Don’t miss your chance to get ahead of the pack as we approach our first season in Georgia State University Stadium!