The mission of the Georgia State University Athletics Life Skills Department is to inspire the aspirations of our student athletes, through Transitional Programing, Career Development, Community Service, and Leadership programs.

Our programs directly place our student athletes at the center of initiating, growing, promoting, and executing the five programs that define this department. These programs are as follows:

Panther Fit

Through fitness and nutrition education, GSU student athletes engage in various athletic activities that highlights how moving and play can be a positive factor in everyone’s life. Students will teach the benefit of healthy lifestyles and how to have fun while maintaining that lifestyle.

Panther Hunt

Assists student-athletes in finding jobs post-graduation, and internship placement in their junior and senior year.

Panther Service

Will encompass all community service projects within Georgia State University Athletics. By doing this, a great connection with the Atlanta community is fostered while also improving the community in which we directly reside. Student-athletes volunteer with organizations throughout the city to help improve quality of programs that are already in place.

Panther Talk

Speeches geared towards elementary and middle grades students, our student athletes empowering them by sharing personal experiences of growth, success, accomplishments and life lessons. 

Panther Watch

Student-athletes are placed in real work environments for 20 to 30 hours over the course of the observership to develop inside knowledge of the fields they are studying while at Georgia State University.  They are able to gain this knowledge without committing to a 3 to 6 month internship before they know if they want to pursue that specific job in that career field.