ATLANTA – Georgia State student-athletes achieved a 3.07 grade point average for the fall 2018 semester, with 208 individuals earning academic honors, including 46 Panthers on the President’s List.


The 3.07 grade point average marks the 21st consecutive semester, dating back to 2008, that the Panthers have maintained a GPA (semester or cumulative) of 3.0 or higher.


Eleven Georgia State programs earned a team GPA of 3.2 or higher for the spring, led by the women’s tennis team at 3.77 and the beach volleyball program at 3.70.


The Panther men's soccer team, which captured the Sun Belt Conference title and an NCAA Tournament berth, posted a 3.46 GPA for the fall. Other top performing teams include cross country (3.68), court volleyball (3.66) and men’s golf (3.46).


Individually, Lotte Meyberg of the women's cross country/track programs, Tristan Jumeau of the men's soccer team and football quarterback Nick Iannone led the way with a perfect 4.3 GPA for the semester.


Meyberg, Iannone and Jumeau are among the 46 student-athletes who achieved President’s List status, Georgia State’s highest academic distinction signifying a semester GPA of 4.0 or higher.


Seventy individuals reached Dean’s List status with a semester GPA of 3.5-3.99, and another 92 student-athletes made the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll with a 3.0 or higher.



Rhett Harper, Baseball

Bekah Brodbeck, Beach Volleyball

Maddy Delmonte, Beach Volleyball

Kelly Dorn, Beach Volleyball

Bailey Hatchett, Beach Volleyball

Kate Novack, Beach Volleyball

Olivia Stasevich, Beach Volleyball

Becky Tresham, Beach Volleyball

Carley Eiken, Court Volleyball

Paige Etherington, Court Volleyball

Morgan Hash, Court Volleyball

Madelyn Ott, Court Volleyball

Nick Iannone, Football

Chris Sibilia, Football

Severin Soller, Men’s Golf

Kyle Clinton, Men’s Soccer

Tristan Jumeau, Men’s Soccer

Logan Luque, Men’s Soccer

Javen Palmer, Men’s Soccer

Andrei Duarte, Men’s Tennis

Gabby Benson, Softball

Olivia Davis, Softball

Kristin Hawkins, Softball

Caitlin Ray, Softball

Paige Taylor, Softball

Jada Lewis, Women’s Basketball

Angela Alonso, Women’s Cross Country

Lotte Meyberg, Women’s Cross Country

Molly Morris, Women’s Cross Country

Anouk Prop, Women’s Cross Country

Lindsay Shealy, Women’s Cross Country

Emma Berlin, Women’s Golf

Lexie Newhouse, Women’s Golf

Chanceley Book, Women’s Soccer

Emily Burke, Women’s Soccer

Madi Card, Women’s Soccer

Cassidy Ryan, Women’s Soccer

Zorae Tomlin, Women’s Soccer

Ilona Golynker, Women’s Tennis

Andreea Stanescu, Women’s Tennis

Angela Alonso, Women’s Track & Field

Lana Fulcher, Women’s Track & Field

Lotte Meyberg, Women’s Track & Field

Molly Morris, Women’s Track & Field

Anouk Prop, Women’s Track & Field

Lindsay Shealy, Women’s Track & Field

DEAN’S LIST (3.50-3.99)

Seth Clark, Baseball

Mike Hostetler, Baseball

Kalen Puckett, Baseball

Ryan Watson, Baseball

Ashley Bauchert, Beach Volleyball

Maddie Gordon, Beach Volleyball

Georgia Johnson, Beach Volleyball

Mattie Johnson, Beach Volleyball

Ashley McGinn, Beach Volleyball

Lauren Bandera, Court Volleyball

Faith Collector, Court Volleyball

Crystal Lee, Court Volleyball

Anna Rantala, Court Volleyball

Sarah Renner, Court Volleyball

Sydney Stroud, Court Volleyball

Oliver Holdenson, Football

Seth-Patrick Holman, Football

Alex Stoehr, Football

Terry Thomas, Football

Nick Budd, Men’s Golf

Josh Edgar, Men’s Golf

Nathan Williams, Men’s Golf

Aris Briggs, Men’s Soccer

Clay Dawes, Men’s Soccer

Liam Fitzsimmons, Men’s Soccer

Jack Hilton-Jones, Men’s Soccer

Ramon Munoz, Men’s Soccer

Frank Rosenwald, Men’s Soccer

Max Wilkins, Men’s Soccer

Patrick Lazo, Men’s Tennis

Bailey Showers, Men’s Tennis

Remington Hasty, Softball

Kalynn Hicks, Softball

Arden Jobe, Softball

Reagan Morgan, Softball

Mallory Parson, Softball

Emily Soles, Softball

Kierra Henry, Women’s Basketball

Taylor Jones, Women’s Basketball

Shaquanda Miller-McCray, Women’s Basketball

Francesca Minali, Women’s Basketball

Jo’cilin Moore, Women’s Basketball

Shemyah Wilson, Women’s Basketball

Marine Garnier, Women’s Cross Country

Nuria Ramirez, Women’s Cross Country

Audrey Tomlinson, Women’s Cross Country

Mary Valli, Women’s Cross Country

Alejandra Ayala, Women’s Golf

Alex Addington, Women’s Soccer

Lily Barron, Women’s Soccer

McKenna Gardner, Women’s Soccer

Anna Goricki, Women’s Soccer

Ella Powell, Women’s Soccer

Caitlin Ray, Women’s Soccer

Brooke Shank, Women’s Soccer

Leslie Sosby, Women’s Soccer

Alyssa Turner, Women’s Soccer

Brisa Zavala, Women’s Soccer

Eva Chivu, Women’s Tennis

Anastasia Grosheva, Women’s Tennis

Daniela Ramirez, Women’s Tennis

Lara Vovk, Women’s Tennis

Marine Garnier, Women’s Track & Field

Simone Harper, Women’s Track & Field

Na’ilah Moore, Women’s Track & Field

Nuria Ramirez, Women’s Track & Field

Alexus Shaw, Women’s Track & Field

Lauren Sims, Women’s Track & Field

Audrey Tomlinson, Women’s Track & Field

Mary Valli, Women’s Track & Field

AD HONOR ROLL (3.0-3.49)

Brandon Bell, Baseball

Griffin Bonner, Baseball

Brendon Case, Baseball

Joah Curry, Baseball

Dalton Davies, Baseball

Chase Frady, Baseball

Tanner Gallman, Baseball

Liam Henry, Baseball

Tyler Koch, Baseball

Jordan Lee, Baseball

Nick Piccapietra, Baseball

Jake Rogers, Baseball

Craig Williams, Baseball

Israel Zackery, Baseball

Eden Hawes, Beach Volleyball

Kaylee McClure, Beach Volleyball

Meisheia Griffin, Court Volleyball

Kinkaid Padgett, Court Volleyball

Cierra Sillmon, Court Volleyball

Barry Brown, Football

Trey Chapman, Football

Ed Curney, Football

Dan Ellington, Football

Charlie Flint, Football

Jonathan Ifedi, Football

Tamir Jones, Football

Remy Lazarus, Football

Swift Lyle, Football

Warren McWilliams, Football

Tre Moore, Football

Jaquez Parks, Football

Kyndall Phillips, Football

Sam Pinckney, Football

Mateo Rengifo, Football

Jordan Strachan, Football

Edward Verdree, Football

Nygee Williams-Mitchell, Football

Aaron Winchester, Football

Chris Clerkley, Men’s Basketball

Egill Gunnarsson, Men’s Golf

James Kyles, Men’s Golf

David Li, Men’s Golf

Hannes Burmeister, Men’s Soccer

Matthew Fearnley, Men’s Soccer

Gibou George, Men’s Soccer

Max Hemmings, Men’s Soccer

Lukas Joyner, Men’s Soccer

Kyle Lancaster, Men’s Soccer

Dylan Morris, Men’s Soccer

Victor Pereyra-Zavala, Men’s Soccer

Gunther Rankenburg, Men’s Soccer

George Rodriguez, Men’s Soccer

Alex Summerfield, Men’s Soccer

Paul Tyson, Men’s Soccer

Roberts Grinvalds, Men’s Tennis

Giles Hussey, Men’s Tennis

Kevin Huynh, Men’s Tennis

Steven Huynh, Men’s Tennis

Diego Padilha, Men’s Tennis

Alyssa Brumelow, Softball

Mandy Chance, Softball

Skylar Mosel, Softball

Holly Phillips, Softball

Carly Winters, Women’s Basketball

Alaina Tomlinson, Women’s Cross Country

Maria Blasco, Women’s Golf

Nia Cole, Women’s Golf

Petra Duran, Women’s Golf

Jemima Gregson, Women’s Golf

Maya Boles, Women’s Soccer

Hannah Davis, Women’s Soccer

Isabelle Grest, Women’s Soccer

Samantha Jacob, Women’s Soccer

Jocelyn Jones, Women’s Soccer

Ava Jouvenel, Women’s Soccer

Meagan McInerney, Women’s Soccer

Reiley Mullen, Women’s Soccer

Anna Remensnyder, Women’s Soccer

Erin Rhodes, Women’s Soccer

Mikella Rodriguez, Women’s Soccer

Damira Muminovic, Women’s Tennis

Arielle Nealy, Women’s Tennis

Ifeoluwa Afon, Women’s Track & Field

Jordyn Braswell, Women’s Track & Field

Noelia Caceres, Women’s Track & Field

Cody Chandler, Women’s Track & Field

Kayla Hayes, Women’s Track & Field

Rebekah Haynes, Women’s Track & Field

Alec Henderson, Women’s Track & Field

Erin Nix, Women’s Track & Field

Zensha Tennyson, Women’s Track & Field

Alaina Tomlinson, Women’s Track & Field