Georgia State Head Coach Shawn Elliott 

Opening statement…

I thought the game needed to be exactly how it should have unfolded. I thought Furman was a quality opponent all week. I thought Clay Hendrix does an exceptional job with his football team. I knew it would be a fight. I knew we would have to go out there and fight. We faced adversity. We did not fold. We did not flinch. We struck back. Other than the second to last drive we did not get conservative, but they made us punt. It was a pretty good day, but it was a tough day. It has been an incredible seven days. It is the first time Georgia State football has started 2-0. It is the first time beating a Power 5. I am super proud of our guys. They deserve all the credit for this win. It was a total team effort. It was not sharp. We got to correct a lot of things. We got to get ready to play Western Michigan. It is coming real quickly. Time stands still for no one.


On Dan Ellington…

First, he had zero sacks. The protection was tremendous. He only had one or two times with pressure. Dan did a phenomenal job orchestrating the offense. Five touch downs is a school record. Dan is a good player, but he is only as good as the people around him. They all make him who he is. Offensively, it was a great night for all. 


On the buzz around the program…

I think the energy around campus is going to stay a buzz right now. I think it is unfortunate that we will not be home for three or four weeks. We have generated a momentum. We have an exciting venue and contest for them. You saw them out there. I think they will be back. I think the energy will stay a buzz. We have to go and play well. We have to keep them excited for when we play at home again.

Furman Head Coach Clay Hendrix

Question about Furman’s ball possession:
“I just told our guys to give them (Georgia State Football) credit—they played better tonight. They didn’t win by whole lot, but give them credit. I’m just really proud of our kids really hanging in there. There were lot of changes, and it was a long football game. I’m proud of how they attacked. We lost those two turnovers, and we just couldn’t get after the quarter back; he’s a great player. It was a hot night and when you’re playing that style of offense, you have to rush the passer, and we were rolling and with nine guys in there, it takes its toll.”

Question about the last play by GSU at the first and second half:
“It was (a big play). It was. And like I said, both of those turnovers were red zone turnovers, and we got them both, but we just had to respond. We just have to make breaks for ourselves. I think we had the one (turnover), and they didn’t have any. We have to figure out a way to get the ball out. I just said to them to finish with plus two turnovers, and let’s just see what happens. I’m proud of our defense—they were gassed. I’m glad Darren Grainger (QB, #4) plays for us. I’m really proud of him, and I thought he had a great football game.”

Question about Darren Grainger’s good decision making in tonight’s game:
"I thought he made great decisions—he never panicked. He’s a confident guy, who gets better and better. He’s a positive guy, and it’s going to be fun watching him play. And I told the team, we have a really good chance of having a really great football team.”