Georgia State student Chasity Hardman was named first runner-up in the Miss America pageant held Saturday night at Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas.

Hardman, a music major, was once a member of the Panthers Cheerleading team for the basketball games.

She wins a $25,000 scholarship for graduate school, while also claiming a $2,000 scholarship during the talent competition.

Miss Hardman is a graduate of Shaw High School in Columbus and first came to Georgia State on the HOPE Scholarship program. She has also won a Georgia State Scholar-Assistantship Award.

The 23-year old is a Music Education major. She was crowned Miss Georgia in June, 2008.

In a touch of irony as reported in the Georgia State Signal, Hardman was only runner-up when entered in the Miss Georgia State competition. In that February contest, the winner was Casy Walker, a member of the Pantherette Dance Team at basketball games.