Providing Help to Find Success

In addition to providing an appropriate atmosphere for studying, our staff offers tutorial assistance for all student-athletes. The tutors are graduate and/or upper division students who are selected on the basis of their educational training and ability to instruct in various subjects.

How Does It Work?

Tutors are available, free of charge, for all student athletes. Tutorial assistance is provided on both a mandatory and walk-in basis. Tutoring is meant to assist student athletes in understanding their course material. Tutorial sessions, however, are not a substitute for class time. If you are receiving tutoring you are expected to attend all class sessions as well. In addition, you are expected to arrive for your tutoring session on time and prepared with your textbook, syllabus, class notes, and assignments.

We strongly encourage student-athletes to take advantage of the Tutorial Assistance Program BEFORE difficulties arise during the course of study.

Other Services Provided
Writing and APA Workshop Academic Honesty Academic Integrity
MLA Format APA Format Research and Documentation

Paper Editing Service: In addition, we provide assistance with paper editing. Student-athletes must turn papers in 24 hours in advance in order for them to be edited by a qualified English tutor. It will then be returned to the student-athlete so that they may make the appropriate corrections prior to handing it in. All papers must be typed. Please see the notice board located in the Athletic Learning Lab for current editing blocks and walk-in tutoring hours. At these times, student-athletes may receive walk-in editing assistance.

Regents Review: For those students who are required to take the Regents exams we also provide review sessions for the Reading and Writing portions prior to the exam being given. If interested speak with the Tutorial Coordinator to get specific dates and times for the review.

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