Success is a STATE of Mind
Student-Athlete Development makes a continued commitment to provide Georgia State student-athletes with the personal tools and resources necessary to develop the total person, in addition to enhancing their success on the playing field. The department actively participates in the NCAA's Life Skills program, which aims to:

1. Promote student-athletes' ownership of their academic, athletic, career, personal, and community responsibilities.

2. Meet the changing needs of student-athletes.

3. Promote respect for diversity and inclusion among student-athletes.

4. Assist student-athletes in identifying and applying transferable skills.

5. Enhance partnerships between the NCAA, member institutions, and their communities for the purpose of education.

6. Foster an environment that encourages student-athletes to effectively access campus resources.

7. Encourage the development of character, integrity, and leadership skills.

2017-18 Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
President:- Trey Payne
Women's Golf: Paula Zabarte
Vice President: Kylie Ruffule
Women's Golf: Jemima Gregson
Secretary: Brenna Skalski
Softball: Brenna Skalski
Treasurer-Communications: Jack Thompson
Softball: Reagan Morgan
  Men's Soccer: Jad Elkhalil
Men's Soccer: Lukas Joyner
Women's Soccer: Caitlin Ray
Women's Soccer: Kylie Ruffule
Men's Basketball: Devin Mitchell
Men's Tennis: Sebastian Acuna
Men's Basketball: Jeff Thomas
Men's Tennis: Andrei Andrukhou
Women's Basketball: Kierra Henry
Women's Tennis: Daniela Ramirez
Women's Basketball: Shaquanda Miller-McCray
Women's Tennis: Kristen Rehse
Women's Cross Country: Nuria Ramirez
Women's Track and Field: Ife Afon
Women's Cross Country: Jordan Townsley
Women's Track and Field: Lysah Russell
Football: Malik Sumter
Volleyball: Sarah Renner
Football: Trey Payne
Volleyball: Jha'meisheia Griffin
Men's Golf: Owen Sertl
Beach Volleyball: Madeleine Gordon
Men's Golf: Josh Edgar Beach Volleyball: Ashley McGinn
 Spirit: Ashtyn Maddox  Spirit: Lauren Bennincasa

Student-athletes can earn points for their team by participating in designated activities that develop the skills indicated below. These points are tallied throughout the semester and the winning team is presented with the State-Cup at the end of every competitive year.

Individuals must complete and submit the appropriate verification form for approval to the State-Cup/Life Skills Coordinator in order to earn points for their team.

Career Development - Student-athletes can attend sessions administered by University Career Services, located in the University Center. These sessions include: "Orientation to University Career Services", "Career Decision Making & Choosing a Major", and "Winning Resume Workshops." Visit the Career Services homepage for more comprehensive information. Additional information regarding any workshops or events of particular interest will be posted in Learning Lab.

Community Outreach - Student-athletes are encouraged to participate in community service projects individually and as a team. If you are a community group and would like to have student-athletes involved with your event.

Team Enhancement - Student-athletes can earn points by participating in any sponsored speaking engagements that cover topics such as hazing, healthy relationships, gambling, or eating disorders.

Above and Beyond - For any student-athlete that goes the extra mile on the court or off the court!

SAAC Leadership - SAAC Representatives can earn points for their team by attending SAAC meetings and all SAAC sponsored events.

Athletes Supporting Athletes - Points will be awarded for attending other team's games. In addition to tailgates, if you are "spotted" at other team's games, you could earn points for your team (Hint: senior nights, big conference games, etc.)

Community Service Request Form (Click Here)