A large group of faculty and students attended the first of two Town Hall meetings Tuesday for an information exchange on the possibility of building a football program.

The program ran from noon to approximately 1:10 p.m. and several issues were presented and discussed as they relate to whether or not Georgia State would be able to support football.

Faculty Athletics Representative Dr. Michael Metzler moderated the meeting. Joining him on the panel were members of the football steering committee, which was comprised of noteworthy Georgia State faculty and staff members. The committee includes Director of Athletics Mary McElroy, Georgia State VP of External Affairs Tom Lewis, Metzler, Georgia State VP of Finance and Administration Jerry Rackliffe, Assoc. Provost & Chief Enrollment Officer Bill Fritz and the Dean of the College of Business Harry Fenwick Huss.

The feasibility survey conducted last fall showed that students, faculty, staff and alumni want football at Georgia State. The recent committee findings from the survey were then shared during the Town Hall meeting.

Among the frequently asked questions discussed and answered were:
1) Why consider adding football now?
2) Would we play in the Football Championship Subdivision (Formerly Division I-AA)?
3) Where would the team play?
4) How would Georgia State finance the start-up costs?
5) How would Georgia State finance football on an annual basis?
6) When would Georgia State plan to start football?
7) What level of football coach would Georgia State pursue?
8) When would Georgia State look to hire a coach?
9) Would the program be scholarship or non-scholarship football?
10) Is it important that the stadium be located near campus?
11) What are the minimum requirements (competitive level, budget, etc.) to accomplish the University's strategic needs?

The second of today's Town Hall meetings takes place from 6-7 p.m. on the third floor of the Sports Arena.

The entire Georgia State University community is encouraged to attend. The event is free and participation is encouraged.

Times and dates for possible future Town Hall meetings are being discussed.

The football feasibility study is also attached as a PDF document.