On Saturday, Feb. 11, eight members of the GSU volleyball team spent their Saturday on another community project.

This time, the team went to the nearby Oakland Cemetery, on the national landmark of historic places, to lend a hand. The team planted new bulbs to grow this spring and summer, gardened and tidied up some areas of the cemetery, and worked in the Green House with the staff.

Adding to this challenge was a cold, chilly day with temperatures in the 30's and a steady brisk wind.

The eight members who participated were Emily Averbeck, Andrea Book, Loren Byerly, Andrea Ezell, Jamiee Freeman, Nevena Peeva, Mirjam Pfyl and Chelsea Perry.

"Doing community service at Oakland Cemetery really makes me appreciate the amount of work that is put into making the cemetery look beautiful year round," said Book.

"Working at Oakland was an unforgettable experience," added Averbeck. "It was really nice to able to know that we contributed to making the cemetery look beautiful, something that means so much to so many people."

This project is all part of the GSU master plan that includes more than 5,000 hours of community service.