As the Georgia State men's basketball team helps distribute shoes with Samaritan's Feet in South Africa, will follow the team with photos, blogs and videos. Check out the latest blog updates here:

Blog Update: August 7, 2012

Our trip to South Africa is quickly coming to an end. However today we were able to go and do another distribution with Paarl, South Africa and it was another great success. Most of the individuals who have been receiving shoes to this point have been young elementary-school aged children, but today we were able to help some high school aged children. It is incredible the number of children in this world that need shoes and it has been great for us to be able to delivery this message of hope and give them a new pair of shoes and so much more.

In the evening, we went to a nice villa in Paarl and were able to participate in a fund raising dinner for Samaritan's Feet. I think we would all agree that we are very blessed to be helping such a great organization and anything we can do to help, we are more than glad to.

--Georgia State Basketball

Blog Update: August 6, 2012

We woke up early this morning and returned to Paarl to distribute more shoes with Samaritan's Feet. Before starting the distribution we went to an all boys school to give an inspirational talk. Coach Hunter told the children about the importance of listening and respecting their teachers and encouraged each of them to follow their dreams and stay in school.

Coach Hunter was followed by Samaritan's Feet founder Manny Ohonme who told his inspirational story of growing up in Nigeria with no shoes, but only to have an organization that gives away millions of shoes to children find him. There goal was to change the lives of children and it changed his life. Although we have heard the story several times on this trip, it does not get old because it is truly inspirational. We are all blessed and have become better people for getting to know Manny.

After talking at the all boys school, the team signed a basketball for them and we left for another distribution in another community in Paarl. The children were so grateful and for many of them it was their first pair of sneakers or tennis shoes. After breaking for lunch, we returned and were able to distribute even more shoes.

Regardless of when we ever feel down from this point forth, we can always look back on these experiences and realize how truly blessed we are. We will get back to work tomorrow. Thanks again for all the support from the States.

--Georgia State Basketball

Blog Update: August 5, 2012

Our group work up and went to church early this morning. Samaritan's Feet founder Manny Ohonme preached and told his story to the local community of Paarl. It is a truly inspiration story and we recommend that anyone who wants to learn more read his book, Sole Purpose.

After church we took an extremely scenic drive to Cape Point, where we are able to see where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean. We took some great team photos that we hope that you will enjoy. We also saw a whale in the process, but the thing we are most excited about is starting our next set of shoe distributions which starts on Monday.

--Georgia State Basketball


Blog Update: August 4, 2012 

Following a long and great day of delivering shoes, we were able to take in some more of the sites and sounds of South Africa by going on an African safari. Along with a terrific tour guide, we saw incredible sites and animals of all kind. It was truly a bonding experience.

We are about half way through our trip and it has been extremely rewarding on so many levels. We are already looking forward to spreading joy and more hope over the next few days.

Blog Update: August 3, 2012

Today was an exciting and humbling day for us as it was our first day distributing shoes in South Africa. We started the day early and drove about an hour to a school located in Paarl, South Africa. We arrived around 8:45 a.m. and began setting up for a basketball clinic and foot washing area. Coach Hunter and Samaritan's Feet founder Manny Ohonme gave an opening speech, instilling hope on the many young children who we were getting ready to help. As we finished setting up, the students participated in a basketball clinic which brought equal smiles to the young children and the members of our basketball team.

After playing basketball for about an hour, the students lined up to have their feet washed and where then given a brand new pair of shoes. We then broke for lunch at a local church facility before another afternoon basketball clinic and foot washing session.

As is often the case, as we were walking back to the bus, some other children without shoes and some with shoes in very poor condition approached Coach Hunter asking for shoes as well. Fortunately, we had some extras that had not been distributed earlier and Coach was more than happy to help make their day a special one as well.

Today was truly rewarding and we are looking forward to the days ahead. We would also like to say thank you for all the special messages we are receiving on Facebook and Twitter from friends and family back in the States. This is truly a special trip and we are blessed to be doing this work.

--Georgia State Basketball

Blog Update: August 2, 2012

After a good night sleep, we started our day by meeting everyone here with Samaritan's Feet who are with us in South Africa. We spent the morning sharing stories and listening to Samaritan's Feet founder Manny Ohonme talk about the importance about our trip. As we get adjusted to the time change, we took it easy today. We went to the aquarium and found ourselves signing autographs for many of the school children there. Although it was not delivering shoes, we always enjoy bringing smiles to the faces of children. When someone 4-foot something sees someone 6'8" you can only image the look on their faces.

After lunch, we took a tour of Cape Town in our bus and then drove up Signal Hill to get an incredible view of the city. It is a truly beautiful part of the world and we all feel very blessed to be here. That is all from South Africa. We will get plenty of rest tonight as we start our mission of distributing shoes on Friday.

--Georgia State Basketball

Blog Update: August 1, 2012

After our 17.5 hour trek from Atlanta to Johannesburg and on to Cape Town, we arrived in our hotel. To say the least, we were a little tired and it will definitely take some time to adjust. The other thing to adjust to is also the fact that it is winter down here in South Africa. Thankfully, we will have time to adjust on Thursday before starting our mission of delivering shoes to children on Friday.

--Georgia State Basketball