Four GSU women's basketball players took time to teach basketball and interact as positive role models to 80 elementary school girls at the After-School All-Stars camp on Friday, June 15.

Cody Paulk, Morgan Jackson, Kesheira McNeil and Ashley Watson taught the girls the basics of the sport and gave the children time to play, run and laugh in the omnihall at Our City of Refuge Summer Academy on Joseph E. Boone Blvd.

After-School All-Stars is supported by the GSU Kinesiology and Health Department and GSU athletics partners with this program annually. It is a national program developed to work with low-income families and create a safe atmosphere for mothers and their children. The interaction between the college athletes and kids helps them improve their self esteem, learn respect, or ask questions of the athletes. Sometimes even just a little laughter is good medicine for these kids.

"Being active is exactly what this event focused on," as Lyndsy Greene, Assistant Executive Director of the After-School All-Stars program explained: "We try to to get these kids to move because too many of them don't get to spend enough time on physical activities."

Having female student-athletes at these camps also has an encouraging effect on the school children. "It's important for these kids to see girls, who look like themselves, in college because it makes it seem possible to get there one day."

The volleyball team, more basketball players and other student-athletes in summer school are being scheduled to participate at an upcoming After-School All-Star camp this summer. GSU's student-athletes donate more than 5,000 hours of community service time to assist around Atlanta and near the GSU campus.

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