Members of the Georgia State football team spent their Saturday volunteering for another very important community service project.

The Offices of Civic Engagement, Dean of Students and Counseling & Testing Center within the Division of Student Affairs are working with Atlanta First United Methodist Church to start a food pantry for Georgia State students beginning fall semester 2012. 

"The need of some of our own GSU students for assistance with basics such as food may be invisible or unthinkable to many of us; however, it is a reality," said Jill Lee-Barber of the GSU Counseling & Testing Center. "It becomes very difficult for students to succeed academically when they are concerned about the next meal. Our Panther football team pitched in on Saturday along with staff from the Office of the Dean of Students, the Counseling & Testing Center, Brownie Girl Scouts from Troop 9585 at the International Community School, and members of First United Methodist Church to begin the hard work necessary for the vision of a Food Bank for GSU students to take shape.

"Thanks to the men of the GSU football team for coming out and working hard to carry load after load up three flights of stairs, so that the space could be made available for a food bank for their fellow students in need. This is what bleeding blue is all about."

Georgia State student-athletes in all sports are active in the Atlanta community and will complete more than 5,000 hours of service during the 2011-12 school year.