Georgia State Head Coach Bill Curry

Opening Statement...

"Obviously a huge disappointment. We have a good football team and we'll continue to work very hard. We will not concede anything. We'll go back to work tomorrow morning and keep working until we perform the way we can. We made too many mistakes and let the off the hook. They played well, did a lot of things well, better than we did. We'll learn from it, go back to work and we'll be a good football team this year.

On if the team is suffering the same issues as last season...

"I don't think you can avoid that comparison, but we're a different football team that we were a year ago, at all. Not the same attitude, not the same work ethic. We have drastically improved those things and now we have to perform on the field."

On quarterback Ben McLane...

"I'm not sure he really got a fair chance to show what he can do. Balls were dropped and protection wasn't adequate. The running game was good in flashes. We expected him to have to adjust. We'd told him that this would be faster than anything he'd seen. But he will adjust in time. It felt like the end of the first quarter, into the second quarter that he would be fine with it. Other things that were out of his control put him into those positions."

On his team's chances during the game...

"We had plenty of chances. We had a good chance coming out during the second half. When we get in the red zone, we have to score. And we just didn't do that."

On the defense...

"We did have a couple of interceptions. We also had some balls that were thrown over our heads. We could have made plays in the end zone, even though the receivers were tall, our guys can leap. Those are plays that have to be made. I saw some of the starters play really well. Terrance Woodard may have had his best game, was in the backfield all night. Others struggled. We will have to evaluate that in terms of starters.

On the program entering its third year...

"We're much stronger than we were a year ago, and faster. But we've got to play football. We can't just be bigger, stronger, faster. Those are just facts. We have a good base of talent. We can play a lot better than we did tonight and we will. We have an excellent group of young men who understand that they've got to keep plugging. They're very discouraged right now. It's our job to get them back up and back to work."


SCSU Head Coach Buddy Pugh

(Opening comments)

"It was a good starting game for us and a place to get going with a positive feeling about our season."

"This team has been mostly a defensive football team, so I was extremely excited that we played decently in all three phases tonight."

"We got some breaks early. The first touchdown pass was a big break for us because it let us play the rest of the game from ahead and the longer our defense kept them contained, the more confidence we got."

(On the defense not allowing touchdowns)

"That was the best part of how they played. Our defense never considered breaking. They always found a way to get them back so that they would have to go for the field goal."