It’s never easy seeing your time as a college athlete come to an end, but seniors Willie Clayton, Jeremy Hollowell and Isaiah Dennis are certain that they are just as prepared for life after graduation, as they have been for each game in their time at Georgia State.

As they thankfully get ready to suit up to lead their team in the Sun Belt Championship next week and for a chance to compete in the NCAA tournament, they are also excited about overcoming adversity, the legacies they will leave behind as Georgia State Panthers and their individual future.

Whether they are continuing to further their basketball career or their education, their time as college athletes has definitely taught them to hold themselves “accountable” for their own actions and careers and to handle each challenge they face, “day by day.”

“I am not sure what the biggest challenge will be, but I do know that I am pretty well prepared,” Dennis said. “After being a student-athlete here at Georgia State, I know how to get through adversity and handle success. I’m ready.”

Although they may be ready to move on and face the real world, their teammates still look to them for advice. Hollowell explains that he would want his teammates to be “self- motivated” and know that they “don’t need a coach or anyone else telling them to get in the gym and do work.”

Unfortunately, their teammates aren’t the only ones they’ll be saying goodbye to, but to their fans that showed up to support them as well.

“I would like for everyone to remember the energy I brought to the court. Another thing I would like them to remember is that I was a genuine guy and  cared about the fans that came to the games. I think I showed that after the games when I would talk to fans and shake their hands,” Clayton said.

Continuing to be genuine along with all the other lessons that they have learned from each other and the coaches will be important as they take their next steps in life.

Hollowell, who still has a few classes to finish this summer, admits that he wants to keep his dream alive and pursue his basketball career for “as long as possible.” Clayton agrees, but would also like to “get into high school coaching and teaching,” while Dennis plans to “get into grad school and Real Estate.”

As long as they continue to give their best after college basketball, all three players should have a successful journey with lots of teammates and fans rooting for them.