If you ask anyone associated with the Georgia State program they will admit that times flies. It seems like just yesterday that senior Jordan Session showed up on campus as a freshman from nearby Eagle’s Landing High School. Four years later the remaining holdover from the NCAA tournament run is set to graduate and move on to the next chapter of his life, but not before hopefully accomplishing a few more goals. He is a Q&A that also appears in the basketball gameday program.

Q: You were a freshman during Georgia State’s run to the NCAA tournament. How often do you find yourself thinking about that week?

A: All the time, especially now that I’m finally a senior. It’s an unspoken type of excitement that just builds on its own as the season goes on. The thought of going back to the NCAA tournament and experiencing an environment like that again is something that once you experience you think about it all the time.

Q: How rewarding would it be for you and your teammates to get back to the tournament this year?

A: Mission Accomplished! It would mean everything to me to get to the tournament this year with this team because I know how hard we’ve worked to get there from where we were. These are guys that I’ve basically grew up and came up with during most of my time here at Georgia State. From long offseasons in the gym to conditioning, getting after it in the weight room, battling injuries, long practices. This group has battled a lot of adversity in the past 2-3 years especially following the performance of such a great 2014-2015 team.

Q: When your career at Georgia State comes to an end, you will be among the top 10 for the most games played in program history. What does that mean to you?

A: I have to admit it wasn’t on my bucket list or one of my goals coming into Georgia State, but I am extremely grateful to be a part of the most winningest program in Georgia. To be able to put that uniform on that many times and play up the street from my hometown really means the world to me.

Q: How rewarding has it been for you to play collegiately so close to home?

A: I knew coming out of high school that I wasn’t ready to leave home, I wanted to play college basketball at home. I wanted to be in an environment I was already accustomed to which is Georgia State University. I wanted people who’ve supported me from the beginning to see me grow as a student and an athlete to be able to continue to do that if they chose to. It’s been unbelievably rewarding for me, I felt nothing but love through the ups and downs of my time here.

Q: Anyone associated with the program would admit you have really stepped up your game this year. What has it meant to you to be a senior, a captain of this team and a starter that has been so relied on this year?

A:  To see all the hard work I’ve put in over the past couple years actually show results means everything to me. I actually feel ready for anything and that readiness comes from preparation and from being around a bunch of people that really believe in me, from the staff to my teammates, to my friends & family. To be in this position surrounded by teammates I’ve come such a long way with is really something special to me. I wouldn’t want to do what I’m doing now with any other team.

Q: Although you hopefully have a lot of basketball yet to play, what is going to be the one thing you miss the most when your days at Georgia State are over?

A:  I think I’m going to miss campus life and the students the most. Georgia State is so diverse and filled with students headed in all sorts of different directions, I think I’ll miss the different types of connections I’ve built with people during my years here at GSU.

Q: For our fans, what are your plans for next year and the future?

A: I plan on continuing my basketball career professionally after the season wherever I land at whatever level it may be I know I’ll be more than ready.

Q: If you had one message for the freshman version of yourself, what would it be?

A: Everyone’s process is different, if you believe in your path then keep trusting YOUR OWN process.


Congratulations to Jordan on a great four years at Georgia State and all the best to him in the future. He will always be a member of the #PantherFamily.