This is a special blog series that shares the experience of what it's like to be a part of the Panthers. Each blog will feature one of GSU’s six seniors leading up to Senior Day against Georgia Southern on March 9.

Walnatia Wright | Augusta, Ga.

Offering Up Advice: 

What advice would you give to –

  • High school players who aspire to compete in college.
    • "Train with professional trainers that know what they are doing. Work with someone who can show you proper footwork and ball handling skills that you need to play at the next level. Put money towards your AAU traveling and make sure that you have all the tools.”

  • Incoming freshman – if you could go back and give yourself advice entering and during your freshman year on the great things and challenges of being a college basketball player.
    • “To the new freshmen, have fun with school and do your school work. As you get older you will have memories of you being young in college and doing lots of things with your teammates and friends.”
  • What do you want to leave behind for your teammates that remain?
    • “I want to leave my teammates words of wisdom. Remain true to yourself. Speak the truth and be honest. Express how you feel because you have the right to do so. See both sides of every situation. Put yourself in the coaches' and players' shoes to see why they might have made decisions that they did before getting upset or confused. Remain humble and trust in God.”