ATLANTA – Starting Thursday, fans will drive a unique process to reveal Georgia State’s new football uniforms using their social media accounts. Partnering with new Seattle-based social startup, Georgia State will utilize the conversation medium to let fans discuss and share their thoughts on the upcoming season during the unveiling of the new uniforms. will aggregate the online conversation across networks to create a unified social media hub. The site has a dedicated page for Georgia State’s #allblueallin hashtag and between noon ET Thursday and noon ET Friday, it will house the puzzle that will eventually show off the new look for the Panthers.

Georgia State’s uniforms this year will include an anthracite-colored helmet with the script Panthers across the side. It was initially unveiled during spring practice by first-year head coach Trent Miles, who said his process to determine what the team will wear each week is easy.

“The way we select our uniforms is simple,” Miles said. “We have two jerseys – blue and white. We wear blue at home and white on the road. Then on Thursday before the game, I call my captains and seniors together and they decide which pants we are going to wear. For the helmets, we have blue and anthracite, which is kind of the new black. It’s a hot item and the players absolutely love it.”

Miles also noted that Georgia State, which is entering its first season with a full FBS schedule, will fit right in with its uniform options. In the Sun Belt Conference, the Panthers will be one of five schools with at least eight uniform combinations this fall. GSU will be one of two league schools with two helmets this fall.

One tradition that will be continued this fall is wearing the original blue helmet for Homecoming.

“The traditional blue helmet with the GSU logo will be worn at Homecoming and will always honor the start of the football program,” Director of Athletics Cheryl L. Levick said. “Coach Miles and the team will have multiple uniform/helmet combinations to wear for special games.”

Fans can start viewing portions of the uniforms at 1 p.m. ET on Thursday when the first puzzle piece is revealed on the athletic department’s Facebook page. Another piece will be unveiled at 2 p.m. on Instagram and additional pieces will continue to be revealed at 3 p.m. (Twitter), 4 p.m. (Facebook) and 5 p.m. (Instagram). On Friday, pieces will be seen on Twitter (9 a.m.), Facebook (10 a.m.), Instagram (11 a.m.) and the final piece will be revealed at noon on Vine.

The process can be sped up if fans reach specified milestones to unlock another puzzle piece earlier than the current time block. Milestones will include reaching 12,500 followers on Facebook, 8,000 followers on Twitter and 750 followers on Instagram, among others.  For more about the social media rules, click here.

Once the final piece of the puzzle is revealed, the complete uniform will be seen on