ATLANTA -- The Georgia State community got its first look at the Panthers' new football venue at Thursday's FanFest, the first event in Georgia State Stadium.

Two weeks before the Aug. 31 inaugural game, Georgia State Stadium was dressed and ready to go, and 3,000 students and fans took the opportunity to check out the transformation from the former Turner Field and see the head coach Shawn Elliott's Panthers practice.

"Here we are in the beautiful new home," Elliott said afterward. "It's an unbelievbale facility. It's really remarkable that this is our home and we have an opportunity to play our games here. This thing is first class.

"It helps us tremendously," Elliott continued. "But it's not just about the 115 players on our roster. It's more about our university, the entire community, the City of Atlanta. It's going to rally this university and make us even stronger.

Quarterback Conner Manning was equally impressed.

"It was very exciting to get out here on our new home field," Manning said. "The whole experience of this turning into a tremendous football field, and then our locker room - it blew my mind."

On the field, the Panthers scrimmaged for about 90 minutes, focusing on operations and fundamentals.

"It was very vanilla, but we wanted to work on our operation time, just doing the things that we need to be good at on game day," Elliott said. "For the most part, it was pretty basic, but I was pleased with the effort."

Two weeks from today, Georgia State opens the season by hosting Tennessee State at 7 p.m.

"Tennessee State is in our minds every single day," Elliott said. "It's the first thing we see when we walk in the door and the last thing we see when we walk out of the office. We understand how important that first game is."

Season and individual game tickets and parking for the inaugural season at Georgia State Stadium are on sale now. Click here or call 404-413-4020.