Dear Panther Family,

We are thankful for the arrival of warm weather!

I was told once by a wise friend that as teenagers “every day feels like an eternity,” but as one ages, you realize this time in your life is “just a blink of the eye.” How true these words are for our student-athletes and their college experience. During the next few weeks, we end our 2017-2018 seasons and graduate many of our student-athletes. The balancing act of being a student and an athlete isn’t easy, but the rewards far outweigh the difficulties and every day moments reinforce that message for me. We celebrate many team and individual accomplishments. We remember great moments and near misses. We anticipate the upcoming seasons. Most of all, we value the opportunity to influence the futures of some amazing young people.

This time also helps clarify our mission, which is one of service. Providing the GEORGIA STATE EXPERIENCE is to give young men and women every ounce of what we can give in whatever form that is and what we take in return is not personal acknowledgement, attention, or benefit, but rather an internal gratification that through our efforts, we make one life, ten lives, 100 lives, whatever the number, infinitely better.  

I know our staff is committed to this because I see it daily. I see Crystal Moody and Bree Hicken passionately invest in the academic success of our kids. Georgia State Stadium doesn’t open on time or host an amazing event like the Foo Fighters concert without Patrick Hatcher, Nick Buchs, Scott Sarratt, Leigh Morrow, and the rest of our “Gate 5 crew.” Our men’s basketball team doesn’t win the Sun Belt championship without Dinika Johnson and Nate Majnaric. Our department does not function without Elisha Howell as our business manager. There are many other unsung leaders in our department that give, yet take so little in return. We all should aspire to their examples of servant leadership and a future goal is to acknowledge many other amazing people in our department.

So, as we conclude one season and focus our attention preparing for the next one, I thank all of you for being on this mission with us.

Thank you greatly!

Go Panthers,

Charlie Cobb