ATLANTA- Lauren Bandera is the Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Week leading the Georgia State team to a 2-1 record at the annual GSU Invitational over the weekend. 

Bandera accumulated 69 digs over 11 frames of play. She currently leads the Sun Belt Conference with 6.27 digs per set. 

Bandera serves as the leader of the Georgia State defense. This weekend she did not only lead the team in digs, but led the defense through directing and controlling back row play. Although Bandera is only a sophomore, she has stepped up to guide her freshman teammates.  Her leadership skills were vital during the three hour marathon victory against Lamar. 

“Being the leader of the defense is rewarding and challenging at the same time,” said Bandera. ”It is a role that I am proud to own because not only do I have a chance to become a better version of myself, but I have the opportunity to elevate my teammates as well.”

The GSU Invitational featured Fordham, Western Carolina, and Lamar. Bandera was named the Tournament MVP. The All-Tournament team roster included Meisheia Griffin (Georgia State), Džemila Hadžić (Georgia State),  McKenna Lahr (Fordham), Aria De LaRosa (Fordham), Erin Pequeno (Lamar), and Sydney Carlson (Western Carolina).